Zev Brodsky

By day, Zev is the Content Marketing Manager at Perimeter 81. By night, he is a taco & micro-beer enthusiast and the host of a security podcast. Zev has extensive experience as a content writer, manager and strategist in a variety of sectors from cybersecurity to Fintech and other SaaS industries. His expertise lies in writing blogs, thought leadership, case studies, sales enablement guides, PR and stakeholder communications.

Zev Brodsky



The Real Estate Industry as an Unexpected Target for Hackers

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Business Continuity Planning: 5 Actions CISOs Need to Take Now

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Your Security Strategy Is Only as Strong as Your Security Hygiene

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Tool Sprawl: Does Your Company Have Too Many Security Tools?

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Hacking with a Purpose: Life as a White Hat Hacker

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Why Secure Network Access is the Key to 5G

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CRN® Recognizes Perimeter 81 on the 2020 Emerging Vendors List

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Perimeter 81 Recognized as a Sample Vendor In Gartner’s 2020 Hype Cycles For Network Security and Enterprise Networking

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Young Startup: Are You Ready for a CISO Onboard?

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Perimeter 81 Recognized in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access

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Life as Security Researcher: Turning a Hobby Into a Career

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VPNs Are Out and Scalable Remote Access Solutions Are In

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