[Infographic] SASE for Superheroes – Defending Your Perimeter and Beyond

SASE Infographic Perimeter 81

With the rise of remote and hybrid work following COVID-19, IT teams are growing increasingly frustrated with the overload of security tools and products, more commonly known as tool sprawl. 

In fact, the average IT team is using between 10-30 security monitoring solutions for applications, network infrastructures, and cloud environments according to a recent 451 Research survey. But there is a better and more effective way to combat tool sprawl. 

SASE to the rescue! SASE or Secure Access Service Edge offers a unified solution to eliminate tool sprawl and allow IT teams to easily secure all of their organization’s valuable resources and users in an agile, cost-effective, and scalable way.

Our SASE for Superheroes infographic visualizes all of the major pain points IT and security teams face and why organizations are rapidly embracing SASE as part of their long-term security strategy plan.

[Infographic] SASE for Superheroes - Defending Your Perimeter and Beyond

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