The Best of Perimeter 81 2020: Top 5 Content From Our Readers

2021 is just a few weeks old, but we can’t forget the trend-setting year that was 2020. Here at Perimeter 81, 2020 was a fruitful year of growth and opportunity which included the launching of new features and integrations, the attainment of 650 new customers, a 40 million dollar Series B raise, three new offices, and a workforce that ended the year twice the size as when it began.

For the entire network security space, 2020 was impactful. Organizations moved entirely remote thanks to the rise of SASE and to different network security breakthroughs, and in response to several eye-grabbing breaches that caught the limelight.

As we look back at the year 2020, we wanted to get a bit nostalgic and look at the different kinds of content that reflected the past year best. Let’s take a moment to remember some of our best reads, including the popular blog posts, most-watched webinar, most listened-to podcast episode, our seminal industry report and headlining bylines.

Perimeter 81’s Top Content Hits of 2020

Employers See Rising Number of Remote Workers

To no one’s surprise, the most popular blog post for our readers was about the increasing number of remote workers due to COVID-19. We highlighted the different health concerns with the pandemic and how COVID-19 accelerated the sudden increase of remote work. We ended the post by providing our remote access security tips, and education organizations and employees on security hygiene and how to fight cyber-attacks from hackers looking to take advantage of the new situation. 

The 2020 State of Network Security Report

Network security is our expertise at Perimeter 81. With this in mind, in late 2020 we released our first annual State of Network Security report. This industry report’s purpose was to learn and get a better understanding of the different network access challenges that were facing IT managers from companies of all sizes and industries in 2020. We surveyed over 250 IT and security managers to gain their insights into what they have experienced since the major shift to remote work, and the results offered us a glimpse into the landscape and how its leaders think during these transformative times.

Importance of White Hat Hackers

In 2020 we launched the Beyond The Perimeter Podcast, our very own security podcast. In each episode, we discuss the latest and biggest breaches to hit the news and talk to different security experts to learn about their experiences in the security industry. Our most popular and listened-to podcast episode was when we interviewed Len Noe, who is a white hat hacker and cybersecurity specialist. Len talked about his role as a hacker early on and his experience transitioning from black hat to a white hat hacker (an ethical hacker). Len also explained how organizations can’t just depend on best practices and that they need to actually run internal tests on their system and networks for security risks.

The Year of Webinars

In 2020, events around the world turned into digital conferences and webinars. We saw more companies and conferences go virtual, and in our own company we hosted monthly webinars with security experts and security vendors where different subjects about security and actionable items for attendees were presented. Our most popular webinar was Criminal Evolution in the Age of COVID-19 & How Orgs. Adapt to the New Normal
In this webinar, we talked to Keren Elazari and Sivan Tehila about the evolution of security threats and cybercrime in our new remote work era. They shed light on emerging security risks and provided the audience with practical ideas on how to build a more secure future for your organization.

SASE is the Future of Network Security 

Despite being coined in 2019, Gartner’s SASE transformed the security industry in 2020. So this comes as no surprise that the most popular thought leadership post by our executive team was The Space Race For Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). This piece was published in Forbes and our Co-Founder and CEO shared his insights on the future of network and cloud security and how SASE will be a deciding factor.