AWS re:Invent 2019: The Future is in the Cloud

December started with a bang, culminating in the always exciting AWS re:Invent conference. Over 65,000 attendees made the trek to Las Vegas to get a grasp of the plethora of new updates at AWS and learn more about the different security vendors (including Perimeter 81) who were exhibiting at the conference. 

After the action-packed week that was AWS re:Invent, it’s time to reflect on the highlights and great conversations we had with customers, partners and thousands of potential clients that we met throughout the four-day conference.

Join us as we look back on last week’s event from start to finish, sharing our key learnings, conversations and booth activities.

AWS Doubling Down on Entire Cloud Migration

Every re:Invent, AWS announces different new features and services to their customers and this year they kept it simple with Andy Jassy’s keynote session. The clear message was organizations need to migrate everything to the cloud. Jassy’s and AWS vision is that by organization fully adopting AWS cloud services it will unlock additional IT spending.

The main point presented was that AWS has the most features and capabilities of any provider and that competitors aren’t getting any closer. So in short AWS wants to become the pillar of next-generation of businesses in the upcoming year. A migration should always be followed be the implementation of a complete AWS security solution

One of the Best Conference to meet Customers

While exhibiting at AWS re:Invent, we had endless opportunities to meet with our amazing clients. Even if it’s just a quick hello or a longer conversation, it’s great to have the face to face discussion with our customers.

While at the conference we had great conversations with different customers from different sectors and each conversation provided us with real-time customer insights into our solution.

Their personal insights and feedback will help our team to continue to build the best Network as a service solution in the market.

                       Catching up with True{X} at the Perimeter 81 booth

Attendees Came for Company Swag and Were Welcomed with Demos

Like other large security conferences, we went all out at AWS re:Invent – we ran a voluminous amount of demos so attendees could receive a better understanding of our product and walk through our Zero Trust Network as a Service solution and all of its capabilities.

We also made sure that people didn’t leave empty-handed! Attendees who stopped by our booth had the option of different company stickers and swag.

Additionally, each visitor of our booth received a scratch card with the opportunity to win great prizes. Winners received Bluetooth turntable with speakers, portable speakers, Instax cameras and more.


Until Next Time

When looking back at the jam-packed week that was AWS re:Invent, it was a very enjoyable and exciting week, filled with great activities, the opportunity to meet up with old colleagues, and the chance to make some new connections. A big hats-off to everyone who helped make AWS re:Invent 2019 a huge success!

We look forward to seeing you at the next industry event soon.