ChannelNEXT: A “Mastermind” Experience for Channel Partners

Dubbed the best business practice building conference, ChannelNEXT gathered service providers, agents, VARs and MSPs to share marketplace knowledge, drive conversation and help shape the industry.

“After a few years of transforming ChannelNEXT, I believe we finally got it right. We have transformed into a best business practice building conference with peer-to-peer collaboration at its core. It’s going to help build more channel champions!” Commented Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet, organizer of the ChannelNEXT event.

After a week-long experience of great people and wonderful food, our team had the opportunity to be a part of an exciting learning environment.
During our “Mastermind” peer-group sessions, we were able to share our goals, pain points and advice all while making connections and learning about new insights and solutions entering the market.

Presenting our Secure Network Access at ChannelNEXT

It’s become clear that the way we work has changed. Today, the workforce is overwhelmingly mobile, cloud-based and dependent on unsecured Wi-Fi which is why companies are in dire need of a cloud-enabled VPN.
The high demand for this increasingly popular technology has allowed us to develop new MSP relationships by offering a new source of recurring, consistent revenue streams, allowing them to deepen their customer relationships while saving them time and money.  
Here are a few of our highlights from the ChannelNEXT Conference in Niagara Falls:

Perimeter 81: Simplifying Secure Network Access

With the rise of the mobile workforce, cloud transformation and adoption of BYOD policies, fortifying secure network access is more important than ever before. But many MSPs still feel they have to turn to outdated, complex and costly legacy VPN solutions that offer limited management capabilities, are difficult to use, and do not integrate well with the cloud. In this workshop, we’ll show you how the rise of the Software-Defined Perimeter can help you achieve stronger security, more easily manage your clients’ networks, earn high recurring revenues and ensure your place at the forefront of the market.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about software-defined-security technology and our innovative and disruptive SMB targeted product offering!