From Malware to Malwear: The Full Story

SWG -- Malwear protection against bad style

It’s not every day that a leading network security provider drops a fashion collection – but we’re in the business of thinking out of the box. If Tesla can sell tequila, and KFC can sell firelogs, we can drop an apparel collection. It’s called SWG – Malwear Protection, and we’re releasing it on the heels of our Malware Protection product launch.

In the cybersecurity community, SWG means Secure Web Gateway – but we’re trying to do things a bit differently. So in addition to the webinar, ebook, and other resources we released as part of the malware protection product launch, we’re also releasing a 15-item fashion collection.

Watch the video:

Effortless protection from malwear

Our customer base is growing, spanning companies across all verticals – from software and tech to finance and healthcare. The SWG Malwear fashion capsule helps us spread the word that cybersecurity is for everyone – not just the IT desk–as we talk to IT managers, network managers, and CIOs from small and medium SMBs all the way up to enterprises.

Our new Malware Protection is a best-in-class solution, and with it, our ‘SWG Malwear’ collection delivers the message that cybersecurity doesn’t always have to be gray. Our ‘SWG Malwear’ collection protects everyone from bad style and gives everyone – not just cyber enthusiasts – the chance to show their commitment to cybersecurity.  

The apparel collection includes SWG Phishing caps, White Hats, USBeanies, IT-Shirts, and more. Check out the entire collection here

How it all started

It began as a simple wordplay on the well-known cyber acronym SWG. Frequently pronounced as swig, the term is familiar to most people. However, as soon as our creative team saw it and uttered ‘swag,’ our eyes lit up. It was pretty clear at that moment that we just had to create a fashion collection around it. It didn’t make much sense at the time, but something felt right.

Then the creative team came up with the second pun “Malwear” – there was no doubt that this idea needs to materialize.

Creating a fashion capsule isn’t just about designing the apparel, it’s also about telling the story of what SWG Malwear Protection is about; what kind of clothes, how the branding looks, which models we cast, who the photographers are going to be, etc. It was clear that if we just printed some t-shirts on a plain white studio background, then our goal of creating an impact, rising above the noise, and raising brand awareness probably wouldn’t come through.

The story we decided to go with: SWG – Malwear Protection, the apparel collection that protects you from bad style.

Diversity was a big part of creating this collection.

Going upmarket from SMBs to SMEs, we see a great deal of diversity within our client base. Not just in their role as IT managers, CIOs, and CISOs, but also in their verticals such as tech, healthcare, finance, and so many more businesses. 

We also see a lot of diversity among our employees and partners. There are so many different faces in the cybersecurity community and it was important for us to give this matter visibility.

SWG clothing

This is all part of our overall marketing approach that focuses on B2H marketing. Putting the emphasis on the human on the other side of our message and finding solutions for them that are radically simple.

The team here at Perimeter 81 believes that cybersecurity doesn’t have to be limited to transactional communications. We’ve set out to market differently and provide a fresh point of view on what cybersecurity could look like.

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