An Inside Look at Perimeter 81’s Technology Alliances Partner Program

It’s Time for Radically Simple Collaboration!

Today’s marketplace over a vast array of industries and products relies on partnerships.  Software, regardless of delivery method, is no different.  In fact, I’d argue that collaboration across solution offerings is often a primary driver of customer success.  This is why Perimeter 81 is thrilled to announce the launch of our Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program.  We understand the importance of strong partnerships and are looking to align our platform with complementary technology built by companies dedicated to delivering innovative value.

A New Ecosystem for the Cybersecurity Experience Platform

Our recent State of Cybersecurity Report revealed that 30% of companies use more than 20 cybersecurity tools and solutions.  Using so many products creates complexity, squanders productivity, and frustrates administrators, CISOs, CIOs, and the like. So it’s no surprise that 71% of VPs and CIOs feel that so many tools negatively impact their ability to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

As a result of these market dynamics, Perimeter 81 is dedicated to delivering a radically simple cybersecurity platform.  Our technology and teams help organizations consolidate tools and engage with a user-friendly platform all while offering high fidelity networking and cybersecurity. 

As a component of our vision of our  Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform, to offer simplicity and groundbreaking ease-of-use for businesses and organizations around the world,  we understand there is an ever-present and growing requirement for collaboration. Customers need to be enrolled into services, data analysis is required for business decisions, layered security is a priority, and the list goes on.  The Perimeter 81 Technology Alliances Partner Program is designed to mitigate complexity and deliver innovative collaboration to the market.

One-Sized Approach to Partnering Does Not Fit All

Do you have a hat, belt, or another piece of clothing labeled OSFA?  Sure it would be great for one size to fit all, but that usually isn’t the case.  In my experience, the same tends to hold true for partnerships.  Co-marketing endeavors morph into resale opportunities. A simple API connection becomes multiple integration points. The discovery of numerous shared customers could even warrant joint R&D efforts. You get the point: one plus one equals three.  

As we launch Perimeter 81 Technology Alliances Partner Program, we are mindful that not all partnerships will begin as deep integrations requiring multiple R&D cycles. Rather, we value and prioritize partnerships that drive value to both our current and future customers—and yours.

A Customer-Centric Focus

At Perimeter 81, everything we do maps back to customer focus. Our Sales team listens to understand customer needs. Product Management and  R&D teams are constantly seeking to improve our product or develop new features that will excite our customers. Our Customer Success department is dedicated to helping customers implement and manage the platform, etc.  

Customer delight saturates every segment of Perimeter 81, and the Technology Alliances Partner Program is no exception.  Each prospective partnership, regardless of origin, will initially be vetted through the lens of customer success.  It’s not just how this engagement will create a better or newly valued experience for the market as a whole but, more importantly, how will our current and future customers benefit. Taking this approach provides the confidence that team members and resources of all parties involved will be contributing to a truly meaningful endeavor.

Next Steps

If collaboration and flexibility undergirded by a mission to delight customers resonate with your business, I invite you to engage further.   For more information, please register at or email us at [email protected].