A Deep Dive into the New Cybersecurity Experience Platform


A Radically Simpler World

Imagine a new world where people can work wherever and however they please. A world where cybersecurity offers IT and security professionals the radical simplicity to confidently and successfully overcome whatever challenges and cyber threats that may lie ahead.

Navigating Cyber Challenges and The Complexity Trap

The world of cybersecurity continues to rapidly evolve, forcing businesses and people to rethink how they can stay secure in this new digital environment. Organizations must take on the burden of securing hundreds of employees while protecting the private data of dozens, hundreds, and thousands of individuals and businesses. Providing powerful and comprehensive security to organizations is now essential for a safe digital future in this new world. 

The Internet has transformed into the new corporate network and we are all part of the “Work from Anywhere” workforce. Organizations must deal with selecting from countless security solutions on the market, while IT professionals and CISOs oftenmanage more than 20 cybersecurity tools while remaining  on constant alert for misconfigurations that can lead to reputation-killing data breaches and crippling cyberattacks.

Perimeter 81 refers to this as the Cyber Complexity Trap. But what is the solution?



The World’s First Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform

Perimeter 81 has carefully tracked these changes and developed a radically simple cybersecurity solution that solves the complexity trap while protecting the new world with the first ever Cybersecurity Experience Platform. Our CSX Platform is a holistic, cloud-based solution that allows the enterprise to ditch legacy hardware and fully embrace the agility of the modern era. Whether you need secure networking for five users or 50,000, we’ve designed the CSX to be simple, instant, and powerful.

The new CSX Platform is built around the four superpowers of Radically Simple Cybersecurity: Instant Deployment, Unified Management, Full Visibility, and Integrated Security.

As a holistic and cloud-based solution, Perimeter 81 now allows organizations of all industries and sizes to support the business and employee of the future, while granting IT professionals and teams with the robust tools they need to safely manage it all in one place.

Perimeter 81’s Four CSX Superpowers

Instant Deployment: In just a few clicks, Perimeter 81 allows you to purchase, provision, and enable secure zero-trust access on-prem, in the cloud, and anywhere in between. Perimeter 81’s quickly scalable microservice architecture and transparent pricing allows you to easily grow with your business and plan for the future. And if you have any questions, our hands-on, 24/7 Customer Success engineers are always available to help.

Unified Management: Effortlessly manage and onboard network users, instantly deploy secure cloud gateways, create multi-regional networks, and install cross-platform applications across all endpoints within a single dashboard.

Full Visibility: Effectively monitor network health, view employee resource access, integrate with leading SIEM providers, and identify any suspicious activity with a unified view of your network security. 

Integrated Security: Avoid the complexity of using dozens of cybersecurity solutions with a single well-designed platform that makes it easy to configure your network, implement security policies, detect active attacks, and defend against data breaches.


An Industry Leader With Smarter Cyber Solutions for Businesses

Perimeter 81 is an industry leader providing smarter and simpler network security solutions for companies of any size, across any industry. The company was recently recognized as a New Wave Leader for Zero Trust Network Access in the Forrester ZTNA 2021 Q3 Report.

Our recognition by Forrester is only the latest in our growing list of accolades and accomplishments. These include our recent Gold Stevie Award from the International Business Awards, our SINET16 Innovator Award as one of the top 16 most compelling and innovative cyber companies, and several G2 Crowd review awards for High Performer; Easiest Admin; Best Meets Requirements; Easiest To Do Business With; and Best Support for 2021. 

We built a platform that offers businesses, organizations, IT professionals and even enterprise IT teams the tools they need to build, secure, manage and monitor their company network, from one unified platform. Perimeter 81 offers today’s most cutting-edge technology and solutions to address the challenging security demands of any business. Below is a range of our industry-leading security solutions IT professionals trust.

Why IT Professionals Choose our Cybersecurity Experience Platform


Cloud Management Console

Easily define and manage your organization’s network from a single location. All of your networks and their locations are displayed, giving you full visibility of all infrastructure including any connecting gateways for local users.

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Zero Trust Network Access

Ensure policy enforcement and protection for all users, devices, applications, and data, regardless of where they’re connecting. Integrate additional security on top of your corporate resources with a vast selection of complementary tools, including built-in 2FA and Single Sign-On.

Zero Trust Agentless Access

Quickly establish secure access to HTTP/S, SSH, RDP, and VNC applications without an agent. With just a click, employees can connect to any of the remote resources they need through their web browser. Establish highly effective trust boundaries by segmenting sensitive resource access with granular policies that include day, time, user group, and more.

Firewall as a Service

Built for all layers, ports, and protocols, our cloud firewall ensures safe data transfer for IPs, users, and HTTP applications with a multilayer cloud approach. Define traffic policies with simple rules that offer unprecedented detail, enforce specific security posture and isolate sensitive dataflows.

Device Posture Check

Enhance network security by establishing trust in only those devices that comply with your organization’s security policies. Provide continued monitoring and support for company-wide compliance with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


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What Comes Next?


With 30% of companies using more than 20 cybersecurity tools and solutions, it’s clear that the world of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly complex. In fact, more than 70% of VPs/CIOs feel that the number of cyber tools negatively impacts their ability to detect and prevent threats. 

That is why Perimeter 81 is simplifying the cybersecurity experience for today and tomorrow’s organizations. We will continue to provide more solutions, better enhancements, and a truly memorable cyber experience. Although change is inevitable, complexity is a choice. Choose radical simplicity – and never settle for complexity.