One Small Step for SASE: Perimeter 81 Lands at RSA 2020


After a record-breaking and thought-provoking 2020 RSA conference, we’re excited to gush about Perimeter 81’s successes and reminisce on the latest security trends – not to mention the adventures we had in sunny San Francisco. 
While it will be impossible to cover all that was discussed during the countless visits to our (literally) stellar booth, some of the most important highlights can definitely do our accomplishments justice.

RSA Revs Up

Over 650 companies attended this year, and the space was a loudly buzzing forum for security-centric activity and discussion. Despite the hubbub, we grabbed a significant amount of attention from thousands of curious event-goers, and so our team was constantly on their feet demonstrating the advantages of Perimeter 81’s Secure Network as a Service platform.

The Crown of the Conference

VP of Customer Success Daniel Goldfeld, deep in conversation.

Though RSA is where “the world talks about security”, our booth design was the real talk of the town. 45,000 people attended RSA this year and thousands were drawn to our space-themed booth, which was the biggest we’ve ever had. With asteroid beanbags and an anti-gravity prize display, it was pretty hard to miss. Just ask this enthusiastic visitor:

It was even harder to miss the intrepid Perimeter 81 team, outfitted with some sassy SASE jackets to signify that we’re already far along on our expedition to take network security to places it’s never been – and beyond. Secure Access Service Edge is the way the security sector’s rocket ship is headed: a unified cloud-based solution for both network and security.

The team, fully outfitted, flexing on the streets of San Fran.

The “SASE Squad” wore our colors around town as well, and it wasn’t just for the famously temperate San Fran weather (but they did help). Though we had tons of fun exploring, seeing the sights, and eating our way through the city, as always it was important to balance work with play. And work we did.

Leading the Discussion on Network Security

Our presence as an industry leader was exemplified during panels in which our CEO Amit Bareket and Director of Business Development James Alvarez led their respective conversations, perking ears and drawing crowds as they outlined the biggest issues in network security that organizations face and talking with other industry leaders about what the future will look like.

The panel left our fearless leaders a bit hungry, but they’re not the type to dismiss an opportunity when it comes into their orbit. Accordingly, they managed to find time to grab a quick bite with security expert and prolific author Richard Stiennon, who quickly found himself deep in conversation with the two executives, and was generous enough to give them a copy of his Security Yearbook 2020: A History and Directory of the IT Industry. Cheers Richard!

RSA 2021 Here We Come

Given the skyward trajectory of Perimeter 81’s ship, we’ve already booked a booth that’s double the size as this year’s for RSA 2021, and we look forward to showing off our complete, fully unified Secure SASE platform. See you there!