Perimeter 81 Wins Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Software-Defined Access Technology Leadership Award

Leading Market Research and Consultancy Firm Identifies Perimeter 81 as the Industry’s Leading Solution for Software-Defined Access Technology.

We’re excited to announce that our secure network access solution for the modern and distributed workforce has received the prestigious 2019 Frost & Sullivan Software-Defined Access Technology Leadership Award.

Our Secure Network as a Service is simplifying the way employees connect to and interact with business data and resources. By utilizing the Software-Defined Perimeter architecture, backed by Zero Trust cloud, local network and application-level access, we’re securing user access, corporate communication, and the entire network.

About the Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan is world-renowned for its role in identifying disruptive technologies and products that are driving future success. This award recognizes companies with technologically-innovative products that enable growth, innovation and leadership in their respective industry. By comparing key market participants and measuring performance, industry analysts provide extensive research to identify these top leaders in the technology market.

Our Software-Defined Access Solution

Our cloud-based cybersecurity solution is completely user-centric with the modern workforce in mind. By focusing on dynamic user environments, we’re solving the shortcomings of today’s outdated solutions with an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage solution that meets today’s demands.

Perimeter 81 Cloud Management Platform Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award

Our Network as a Service replaces on-premise firewalls and hardware-based VPNs entirely. By providing seamless and secure access to cloud-based resources, servers and applications, Perimeter 81’s user access control becomes inherently simple for network administrators.

Using our single-click application, compatible with all major web browsers and mobile operating systems, employees can safely access confidential resources no matter where they’re connecting from. That means no more managing on-site hardware VPN servers.

We take secure access one step further with our Automatic Wi-Fi Security solution that routes user traffic via secure servers using advanced 256-bit level encryption protocols – without affecting connection speed or requiring any action from the user.

Centralized Network Management

Our service is more than just comprehensive security. We also provide complete network visibility and activity monitoring to ensure compliance, mitigate risks and to provide auditing capabilities and more.

Our multi-platform access control and centralized management platform allow network administrators to easily assign users to groups, automatically whitelist IP addresses and providing user-specific, Zero Trust application level access to resources.

“The benefits of a cloud-based Secure Network as a Service that utilizes the Software-Defined Perimeter and Zero-Trust security models, extends further than seamless and secure end-user access, by replacing a physical firewall at each location where a corporation does business, the operational responsibility for the firewall can be unified and considered at a single location staffed with a team dedicated solely to cybersecurity, instead of relying on employees at the endpoint.”

Frost & Sullivan, 2019 Best Practices, Software-Defined Access Technology Leadership Award

Our Service and Vision

Our long-term cloud strategy includes many additional services, including Zero Trust application-level access and a full cloud firewall.

“Perimeter 81 is working on utilizing its cloud structure for services including a secure web gateway, which protects against online threats by enforcing company security protocols, and network forensics, where logs of network traffic are analyzed for signs of instruction.”

Frost & Sullivan, 2019 Best Practices, Software-Defined Access Technology Leadership Award

As a fast-growing startup, we have found significant demand for our product in the midsize to the enterprise market. With proof-of-concept trials taking just under 14 minutes, we’re confident that our solution will continue to positively impact and contribute to substantial growth in the industry.

If you’d like to receive a full tour of Perimeter 81’s award-winning Zero Trust Network as a Service be sure to request a complimentary demo.