Effectively Securing Thousands of Devices, One Day at a Time

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With more employees working remotely, more enterprises are recognizing the need for a concrete cloud security strategy when securing employee devices from various threats. But with enterprises having more devices to secure than the average organization, what security challenges do enterprise cloud security architects experience?

In this edition of the Beyond the Perimeter Podcast, Yoav Nathaniel, Cloud Security Architect at Goldman Sachs joins our host Zev Brodsky to discuss what it’s like being on a team of cloud security architects at an enterprise, and what some of the major cloud security challenges are that he experiences on a daily basis.

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About Yoav Nathaniel:

Specializing in cloud security before the cloud was even considered a viable option for the enterprise, Yoav partners with users and developers to create a seamless, secure experience of SaaS and cloud-based infrastructure. He has broad experience with regulations, incident response, malware, phishing, data leaks, misconfigurations, IAM and networks.

Yoav currently works as a Cloud Security Architect for Goldman Sachs where he focuses on the firm-wide public cloud security standards and innovating resilient solutions at scale.

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