71% of VPs and CIOs Have Difficulty in Combating Cyberattacks due to Complexity

Cover of 2021 Cybersecurity Report

Perimeter 81 Seeks to Radically Simplify Cybersecurity With New Cybersecurity Experience Platform

Perimeter 81, the Zero Trust Networking leader and creator of the world’s first Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) platform, has published its Second Annual State of Cybersecurity Report, The Decentralized Workplace & The Cyber Complexity Trap. The study reveals that 71% of VPs and CIOs believe that the high number of cybersecurity tools they use negatively impacts their organization’s ability to detect and prevent threats.

Perimeter 81’s research evaluated responses from 500 IT professionals at companies with 50 or more employees in the US. It covers new trends in the workforce due to Covid-19, how those changes have affected cybersecurity, and their impact on IT professionals.

“Hybrid and remote work is definitely here to stay,” says Amit Bareket, CEO of Perimeter 81. “A remarkable 87% of responding companies will have hybrid workers even after Covid—and more than half of them will work remotely three to four days a week. This is a dramatic development that permanently increases the size of the network’s attack surface, and requires IT professionals to quickly seek long-term solutions.”

“As cyberattacks evolve, many vendors have been trying to solve this ever-shifting problem with more solutions and more fences,” says Sagi Gidali, CPO at Perimeter 81. “This has led to the painful and complex reality in which the average CISO is forced to manage dozens of cybersecurity solutions, which impedes their ability to secure and defend their networks. We call this problem the ‘Cyber Complexity Trap.’”

Other findings from the report include:

  • 50% of companies with more than 1,000 employees use 20 or more cybersecurity tools and solutions
  • 64% report that they experienced a significant cybersecurity incident in 2020-21, including ransomware or phishing
  • 34% of companies have made cybersecurity a priority due to news coverage of cyber incidents
  • 59% admitted they paid a ransom to cyber thieves
  • 47% of cyberattack victims had recovery costs between $100,000 and $1 million

“The clear message from IT practitioners and executives is that complexity is a killer for today’s corporate networks, which is why we developed the world’s first Cybersecurity Experience Platform or CSX,” adds Gidali. “We designed the CSX platform with simplicity in mind, offering a single pane of glass for management, networking, and cybersecurity. From purchase to deployment and throughout day-to-day management, the radical simplicity of Perimeter 81 is a welcome alternative to the current norm.”

The Perimeter 81 Cybersecurity Experience Platform includes features such as a Cloud Management Console, Zero Trust Network Access, Zero Trust Agentless Access, Firewall as a Service, Device Posture Check, and more. Delivered as single software-as-a-service solution, and without the need to deploy or manage any hardware, Perimeter 81 is a welcome alternative for the IT professionals and CISOs who struggle with the 20 or more cybersecurity tools they use daily to protect their networks.

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Perimeter 81 radically simplifies cybersecurity with the world’s first Cybersecurity Experience (CSX) Platform. As a holistic, cloud-based solution, Perimeter 81 allows organizations of all industries and sizes to support the immediate desires of the nomads with a purpose—while still granting IT teams the ability to manage it all safely. The company was founded in 2018 by two IDF elite intelligence unit alumni, CEO Amit Bareket and CPO Sagi Gidali, and is based in Tel Aviv, the heart of the startup nation. Our clients include SMBs to Fortune 500 businesses and industry leaders across a wide range of sectors. Our partners are among the world’s leading integrators, managed service providers, and channel resellers.