Gateway Insights with Bandwidth Reports

Advanced Gateway Monitoring with Bandwidth Reports

Explore gateway bandwidth usage to the minute with the new bandwidth reports* on your Monitoring Dashboard!

Bandwidth reports give your IT team the ability to track gateway bandwidth usage over time. By comparing gateway usage, you can see where gateways need to be added or adjusted. 

Filter gateway data by network, region, and gateway to see your networks’ bandwidth usage over time. You can drill down from the last 6 months to one month, week, day, or even to the last hour, with increments as detailed as five minutes. Hovering over each point displays the average bandwidth usage at that point in time. 

Comparing gateways is also an essential part of bandwidth reports. By selecting up to three gateways from a specific region, admins can view graphs of each gateway side by side and compare their usage over different points in time.

Advanced Gateway Monitoring with Bandwidth Reports 

* Bandwidth reports are supported on our latest Core V3 and Core V2.2 platform versions. Don’t see Bandwidth reports on your Monitoring Dashboard? Reach out to your Account Manager or CSE to enable it for you! 

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Bandwidth reports are just one of many advanced security and network features offered by Perimeter 81. With our comprehensive SASE solution, you can easily manage employee access from anywhere and gain network visibility in a single all-in-one management portal.

Unlike hardware-based legacy VPNs, our scalable solution offers greater network visibility, seamless onboarding, and full integration with major cloud providers, giving you the power to be fully mobile and completely cloud confident.
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