Discover the Monitoring Dashboard

Keeping track of your network just got easier with the Monitoring Dashboard!

No one likes to stay in the dark – and now with the monitoring dashboard, you’ll be up to date on all activity across your network.

Having a clear grasp of your network activity will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Perimeter 81 platform. The Monitoring Dashboard will give you insights into your network usage, how many gateways are active, and much more.

Here’s how our latest feature will revolutionize network tracking and keep your data even more secure.

The info you need, all in one place

Plan and optimize your platform with a minute-to-minute breakdown of your platform usage, including summaries of active sessions, member licenses, gateway licenses and apps currently in use. Dashboard data is updated every one to two minutes, so you’ll never miss a beat. 

Gain deeper insights

Curious how users are interacting with the network? You can now review user activity with a filterable graph that shows every detail. See user activity by time range, network, region and gateway to better manage your networking needs. You can even hover over a specific time frame for a deeper look into activity at that exact moment.  

Know who’s who

Successfully managing your network begins with a clear grasp of your users. See a full breakdown of your users’ OS distribution, device type distribution and agent version with simple and easy graphs. Within seconds of review, you can better understand your users’ devices.
From user activity to device breakdown, the details of your cloud usage are going to change the way you manage your network. With a whole new level of transparency and minute to minute updates, it’s easy to follow trends and make necessary changes for a safer network.

Much more to come

We’re constantly working to improve the platform and release new features. The Monitoring Dashboard is expanding to include even more details, graphs and stats – stay tuned!