February 2020 Product Updates: Splunk Integration, Linux Agent and More

The new year has only just begun, and thanks to many different customer requests we have recently implemented and launched new features and updates, and are thrilled to share. It’s no stretch to say that the best feedback is from customers using your platform on a daily basis, but nowhere is it written in ink that this feedback justifies any changes. In our case, we write it in stone, because our users are just that good.

With the excellent feedback you’ve provided, we’re proud to highlight the latest product updates and integrations since the start of 2020 to our Network as a Service solution.

Splunk Integration

Traditional security solutions tend to lack the ability to monitor, log, alert and integrate data from cloud resources into Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems.

Lacking the right monitoring processes and systems also makes it difficult to respond in real-time to a cyber attack or data breach. No less important is having skilled security analysts who are able to take action when recognizing network anomalies, correlate events, and eliminate manual data analysis for AWS action detection such as suspicious instance creation, new user account creation or resource access and security group modification.

Accordingly, we have recently launched our new Splunk Integration into the Perimeter 81 platform, that our users can set up as a Splunk VPN. Splunk enables organizations of all sizes to search, analyze, and view the data gathered from all components of their IT infrastructure or business. Splunk users can enable log aggregation of event data from across their environment into a single repository of critical security insights within their Splunk platform.

In the video below we walk you through how to configure Splunk in order to have full visibility of your Perimeter 81 activity.

New Linux Agent

Customers often request new features and integrations, however in late 2019, we saw a surge of requests for our application to be available for Linux operating systems. Now your calls have been answered, as our application is now available with Linux X64.

You can download the Linux agent inside your platform under the Downloads tab, or you can download it in the Downloading the Applications page in our knowledgebase

24/7 Phone and Chat Support

As a company that strives for exceptional customer support, we are continuously updating our knowledge base with different articles to help our customers solve any issues they encounter on their own steam.

Now we are excited to share that our customer support services have expanded with 24/7 chat support and phone support. Unlike other Cloud VPN or Business VPN providers, our chat and phone support teams will be able to answer issues or requests you might have in real-time. 

New Pricing Packages

As the Perimeter 81 solution evolves with new security features, so does the flexibility and accessibility of our application. We are thrilled to announce that we’ve launched our new Perimeter 81 subscription plans and billing system on the platform and on our website. 

Our new plans will allow users to get the services and features that they actually need while utilizing our new robust billing system. The new billing system is an improved self-service experience that allows users to easily change subscription plans with a click of their mouse. 

Stay Tuned

We’d love to hear your feedback going into the busy spring months and stay tuned for more product updates in the upcoming months. We are planning to launch our new unified network and security platform with more network and security features in the upcoming year.