Monitor Network Activity with New Active Sessions

New Active Sessions

Get detailed insights about connected members across your network with the new Active Sessions report in your Monitoring Dashboard

Admins can now see live data on members currently connected to their networks, including the user’s device, their last login, length of time connected, and their most recently connected network, region and gateway.

With Active Sessions, account admins get up-to-the-minute details about currently connected members and can filter specific users, device types, networks, gateways and more, so no information is left in the dark. With exportable reports, you can also download this data directly to your computer as an Excel file for further analysis. 

Active Sessions means active network management

Network management is easy and effective with the right tools at your disposal. With Active Session reports, you can monitor all network activity and be on top of trends that can help you protect your organization. With all of the information at your fingertips, you can maintain total control of your network and ensure everyone is connected securely.

Get total visibility with the Monitoring Dashboard 

Want to see a broader picture of user activity across your network? With the Monitoring Dashboard, you can review user activity in a filterable graph that shows every detail. See user activity by time range, network, region and gateway to better manage your networking needs. You can even hover over a specific time frame for a deeper look into activity at that exact moment. 

Get more with Perimeter 81

The Active Sessions view is just one of many advanced security and network features offered by Perimeter 81. With our comprehensive SASE solution, you can easily manage employee access from anywhere and gain network visibility in a single all-in-one management portal.

Unlike hardware-based legacy VPNs, our scalable solution offers greater network visibility, seamless onboarding and full integration with major cloud providers, giving you the power to be fully mobile and completely cloud confident.

Want to learn more about other cool features in the Monitoring Dashboard? Check out all the details in our previous blog post, or schedule a demo today.