Now Live: Perimeter 81’s New API Support for Cybersecurity

Illustration of Perimeter 81 API

Extend Control of Your Network Security with APIs

A core value of Perimeter 81 is to make network security as seamless as possible, so it’s no surprise that we’ve worked tirelessly to be able to offer our customers API support. Today our work has borne fruit, and the API has finally arrived! Its support for our platform’s major security functions empowers network administrators to create groups, assign members, and more via third-party services and applications.

API Support Main GUI

Security admins using Perimeter 81 to manage their networks will be able to generate an API key and securely link it with another API-enabled service, allowing them to manipulate network security settings without entering the Perimeter 81 platform. 

This offers several advantages, in particular the ability to provide data via HTTP at the request of third-party automation scripts, as well as a better user experience  and heightened productivity for security professionals. 


APIs Have Exponential Power for Admins

API connections are foundational to the kind of user-centric security we aim for at Perimeter 81. They will grow in number as we continue to augment and improve our API over time.

Because user groups are what resource access and configuration policies are built on, and because they are usually organized by department, location (such as a specific branch office) or role, admins can easily and confidently use an external service to design policy.

Generate API Key Screen

Via an API link, an external service or process can easily add a license to your Perimeter 81 account and network, and assign the new employee to a relevant group. This way policy is automatically applied to them without ever logging into Perimeter 81 or using our dashboard.

To get their keys, the Admin needs to create a Perimeter 81 token to authenticate the source of the API request, and they’re able to create a number of tokens to flexibly fit their needs. To read more about the process of working with the API please see our detailed documentation.


One- or Two-Way API Functionality

Perimeter 81 support allows the creation of tokens with variable permissions, so you can use the API either to enable visibility of your Perimeter 81 networks, or as a way to both view and control security externally.

API Key Permissions

The features currently supported with the new API include:

  • Members 
    • View list of users
    • Add new members
    • Delete/remove members
    • Assign members to groups
  • Groups
    • View list of groups
    • Add new groups
    • Delete groups
    • Remove member from group
    • Add member to group
  • Networks
    • View gateway statuses
    • View tunnel statuses
  • Licenses
    • Purchase new member license
    • Purchase new gateway license

Of course, we plan to add a whole host of new functions soon, and will continue to expand the API as our customers provide feedback and make requests. Please let us know what you think – we’re always happy to listen!

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