Perimeter 81 Backbone Adds Four New Data Centers

We’re pleased to announce the addition of five new Perimeter 81 gateways to our global Point of Presence (PoP) backbone in Dubai, Frankfurt, Stockholm, and Denver.

These new installations further expand the global networking flexibility of our customers, and along with our other data centers, offer increased control over maintenance, configuration, bandwidth and more. 

Run on our carefully selected hardware and powered by our partner Equinix, these new data centers provide low-latency last-mile connectivity to remote workers who need encrypted access to critical resources, as do our other 40+ data centers, and at the same 1Gb/s speeds. These Perimeter 81 data centers include servers and switches are also redundant to minimize interruptions, and add priority bandwidth from Equinix for even more superb service. 

Perimeter 81 can now offer data centers in over 25 locations, including: 

  • San Francisco
  • Frankfurt
  • Singapore 
  • London
  • San Jose
  • Toronto
  • Dallas
  • Bangalore
  • New York
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Seattle
  • Sydney
  • Los Angeles
  • New Jersey
  • Tokyo
  • Finland
  • Madrid
  • Warsaw
  • Mumbai
  • Fremont
  • Seoul

In addition to our new data centers, stay tuned for more  new features in the pipeline. Our customers can expect new tools that make identity management easier, deepen the utility of our in-platform monitoring, and more. And as we continually strengthen our global backbone of data centers, you can look forward to more data center updates in the very near future.