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Business VPNs Enhance Security and

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When is a Business VPN Needed?

A business VPN is necessary for enterprises as it offers an effective yet affordable way to enhance security without a complicated process. It is a crucial tool for various business applications.

When Business VPN Needed
Facilitating- remote work

Facilitating Remote Work

For remote employees, Perimeter 81’s VPN offers a secure way to connect to the company’s internal network. This method encrypts their connection over the public Internet, protecting their data from attack and snooping.

Mitigating Cyber Risks

Business VPNs protect sensitive information by encrypting traffic, making them vital for any organization looking to mitigate cyber risks. That can help keep the data safer from potential online threats.

Mitigating cyber risks

Features of a Business VPN

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption

With end-to-end encryption, you ensure that all data traveling between the employee and company resource is encrypted

Remote Access

Remote Access

Perimeter 81’s business VPN enables employees to work from various locations while maintaining secure access to the company’s resources, promoting flexibility and efficiency

Protection Against Cyber Threats

Protection Against Cyber Threats

Perimeter 81 provides a barrier against intruders from hijacking connections ultimately protecting the company network

Unified Networking

Unified Networking

Perimeter 81’s cloud-based business VPN includes network features that enhance collaboration and communication ensuring everyone can securely access company resources

Key Business VPN Use Cases

Here are some of the most helpful ways to use a business VPN

Secure Communication

A business VPN facilitates secure communication between remote employees and the company network and cloud resources. The VPN encrypts the connection to ensure that data transmitted over the public internet remains safe from attacks.

Secure communication
Page flexibility and efficiency

Flexibility and Efficiency

Cloud-based Business VPNs like Perimeter 81’s allow employees to easily work from different locations while maintaining secure access to company resources over a high-performance global network, thus promoting flexibility and efficiency within the organization.

Empower Your Business with Secure Connectivity

A secure, efficient, and flexible communication system is paramount in an era where technology is at the core of organizational success. A Business VPN is an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes, connecting remote employees, unifying different office locations, and safeguarding against cyber threats. 

With tailored features like end-to-end encryption and remote access solutions, a Business VPN from Perimeter 81 offers robust protection without compromising convenience. Whether you’re a small business looking to foster collaboration or a large corporation needing to secure a vast network, implementing a Business VPN aligns with the modern demands of a thriving enterprise. 

It’s time to invest in the right technology and create a seamless, secure, and empowered business environment. Get started with a free Business VPN demo today, and take the strategic step towards a connected and secure future.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Business VPN Different from a Regular VPN?
The main difference is that business VPNs let multiple users connect to the network. Business VPNs and regular (or personal) VPNs offer secure and encrypted connections over the internet, but regular VPNs typically only support one user.

Business VPN connects remote employees and branch offices to a company’s internal network, allowing secure access to corporate resources. Individuals use regular VPNs to protect personal data and privacy online, often to hide location or access geo-restricted content.
How Does a Business VPN Enhance Company Security?
Business VPN enhances company security by creating a secure and encrypted tunnel for data transmission between remote workers, branch offices, and the corporate network. Data encryption prevents unauthorized parties from intercepting or tampering with it.

Business VPNs can be integrated with security measures, such as multi-factor authentication, ensuring only authorized employees can access the corporate network. 

With secure, remote connections, Business VPN helps protect sensitive company information from potential cyber threats.
Can a Business VPN be Integrated with Existing Security Protocols?
Yes, Business VPN can integrate with existing security protocols within an organization. Integrating VPNs with firewalls, anti-malware software, and multi-factor authentication allows companies to enhance their security.

By seamlessly fitting into the existing security architecture, Business VPN ensures a unified and robust security stance, enhancing data protection and network resources. These current protocols can range from SSL and L2TP to SSH and IPSec.
Is a Business VPN Suitable for Small Businesses or Only Large Corporations?
Business VPN is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations. While large corporations may use Business VPN to connect multiple branch offices and a large remote workforce, small businesses can also benefit from the enhanced security and accessibility it offers. 

After implementing a Business VPN, small businesses can provide secure remote access to employees, protecting their data and facilitating collaboration, even with a smaller budget.
What is the Typical Cost of Implementing a Business VPN?
Costs for implementing a Business VPN can range from $10 per month to more than $1000 per month, depending on the size of the organization, the number of users, and whether you choose a more economical cloud VPN or a legacy VPN, which typically has a higher total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additional factors like setup, maintenance, and regular hardware replacement impact the overall cost of a legacy business VPN.

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