Cloud VPN: Greater Security
for Financial Institutions

Cloud VPN:
Greater Security for
Financial Institutions

Secure your confidential consumer data and sensitive financial transactions, maintain stakeholder trust, and prevent financial loss with a cloud-based business virtual private network (VPN).

Businesses in the global financial industry reported 2,527 cybersecurity incidents in 2021. Cyber attacks can cost millions to mitigate, and they can destroy a company’s hard-earned reputation in minutes.

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Remote Operations

Perimeter 81’s Business VPN connects individual users at different locations to your corporate network and company resources, providing secure tunnels over a global, high performance network for data to travel between the remote network and the user.

Secure Your
Financial Information

End-to-end encryption prevents monitoring and interception by hackers, protecting your confidential customer data, financial transactions, and business network from theft, damage, and infiltration.

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Safe and Stable Remote-Access VPN for Employees

VPN connections provide secure network access for a globally located, remote, and traveling workforce — even when using public WiFi. Employees can confidently connect to the resources and third-party applications they need to perform their duties and trust that data is protected.

Cloud VPN

  • Perimeter 81 provides quick and reliable connectivity from over 50 data centers so employees can be productive and meet critical deadlines that are common with financial transactions.
  • Perimeter 81’s cloud-based solution offers granular access control. With Zero Trust Network Access and segmented user access, users must be verified and are only granted access to the resources they need.

Traditional VPN

  • Traditional VPNs can cause slower speeds, dropped connections, and bottlenecks.
  • In today’s remote work environment, on-premises legacy hardware leaves businesses open to security threats.
Enhanced Customer Trust

Enhanced Customer Trust

An always-on cloud VPN renders data that passes through your network unreadable. It protects against a wide array of phishing attempts, malware attacks, and ransomware that can disable your network and steal sensitive data — so customers can feel safe doing business with you.

Extra Layers of Threat Protection

Extra Layers of Threat Protection

Hybrid Secure Web Gateway – Perimeter 81’s SWG uses malware protection and URL filtering to effectively protect against web-based attacks without affecting performance.

Firewall-as-a-Service – Cloud-based firewalls deliver advanced firewall capabilities without the need for on-site hardware allowing you to filter traffic based on organizational policies.

Fast, Same-Day Deployment

Fast, Same-Day Deployment

Perimeter 81’s cloud VPN can be set up in under an hour and rolled out to employees quickly and easily — offering up to five simultaneous connections per user — so expanding branch offices or onboarding employees is effortless.

Simplified Security

Simplified Security for Financial Data

Perimeter 81 offers extensive protection without the complexity, making it easier for organizations to secure their environments with a single holistic architecture. Compared to other solutions, Perimeter 81 customers spend less time configuring hardware and providing help desk support.

A Comprehensive Cloud VPN Solution for
Finance Businesses

Minimize your attack surface

Protect your sensitive data

Centralized IT management

Stay secure with a
distributed workforce

Robust, cloud-based VPN
with 256-Bit AES

Consistent user
experience worldwide

“The ability to give users access only to what they needed, to have Device Posture Check (DPC) to make sure our antivirus solution was running and up to date on the users’ laptops before they made a connection, gave us the peace of mind to say: ok, that device won’t be spreading ransomware to the rest of our company.”
Brent Sudeck
CISSP, from the NP, Inc.


What is a cloud VPN used for?
A Cloud VPN utilizes cloud infrastructure to create a secure network connection over the internet. They are used for a variety of purposes which may include providing secure remote access to office networks and resources, bypassing geographic location restrictions, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements for sensitive data. 

Cloud VPNs provide a convenient, flexible, and scalable solution for organizations and individuals who need private and encrypted connections, whether accessing from a mobile device or a public network.
Can a cloud VPN enhance user trust?
Yes. Consumers are already wary about handing over their private information, and with ever-increasing identity theft and fraudulent activity, security is absolutely critical in the financial industry.
Why are hardware VPNs insufficient?
Remote work and extensive travel have made it more difficult to protect corporate networks outside the physical office boundaries, while networks and network security have become more complicated. Perimeter 81 unifies key networking and network security technologies into a single platform that is managed from the cloud.
Is Perimeter 81 difficult to manage?
With full network visibility, administrators can create and manage user groups effectively from the VPN console. Cloud installation works on legacy devices without costly hardware upgrades.
Can you tell me more about Hybrid SWG?
With web traffic inspection and up-to-date logs, critical threats like spyware and malware can be detected and contained before hitting your corporate network — so users can perform web-based tasks with minimal risk. Hybrid SWG is located both in the cloud and on-device — providing the flexibility businesses need to protect their internet traffic.
Is it safe to do financial transactions over a VPN?
While VPNs generally enhance online security and privacy, not all VPNs are created equally. If you plan to use a VPN for financial transactions, select a trustworthy provider with a strong track record. Ensure your VPN uses malware protection and AES 256 encryption to safeguard your financial information against phishing attacks and prevent eavesdropping or interception while your data is in transit. 

To further enhance safety for online financial transactions, it’s also essential to secure your devices with up-to-date antivirus software and security patches, use a secure browser, and practice good online hygiene.
Which VPN is best for online banking?
When it comes to online banking, it’s crucial to prioritize security and privacy. Select a paid VPN provider — free services are known to sell customer data — with a strong track record along with the following key features:

Strong Security Features: Look for a VPN that offers robust security features, such as military-grade encryption and DNS Leak Protection to protect your banking transactions and sensitive financial information from potential eavesdropping or interception.
No-Logs Policy: Opt for a VPN provider with a strict no-logs policy. This ensures that the VPN does not retain any records of your online activities, including your online banking transactions.
Dedicated Servers: Choose a VPN that is optimized for online banking and designed to provide a secure connection that remains stable for financial activities. 
Server Locations: Consider the VPN provider’s server locations. The best VPN for banking will have servers in your own country, close to where your bank operates, to reduce latency and ensure faster connection speeds.
User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive VPN interface makes it easier to connect and disconnect from the VPN quickly when accessing online banking services. 

Remember, while using a VPN can minimize the risk and protect your data, it is not a substitute for practicing good online banking habits. Ensure that you follow recommended security practices, such as using strong and unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and keeping your devices and software up to date.
Should you use a VPN for trading?
A VPN can provide an additional layer of security by encrypting your internet connection. This helps protect your trading activities from potential eavesdropping or interception and makes it difficult for third parties, including internet service providers, to track and monitor your online activities. A VPN can also help you access trading platforms or services that are geo-restricted.

One potential drawback of using a VPN for trading is the potential impact on latency and speed. In high-frequency or time-sensitive trading scenarios, this delay may impact your ability to execute trades quickly. Additionally, any interruptions or instability in the VPN service could potentially disrupt your trading activities, so selecting a reputable VPN with fast and reliable servers is crucial. 

Of course, if you trade on a platform or exchange, it’s essential to review their terms of service regarding the use of VPNs. Some platforms may have restrictions or policies against using VPNs, and violating these terms could result in account suspension or other penalties.
Is it safe to use a VPN for crypto exchanges?
As with any financial transactions, a VPN can enhance the security and privacy of your cryptocurrency exchange activities, but it’s important to note that it won’t eliminate all risks. Be sure to choose a well-vetted VPN service that prioritizes user privacy. Look for one that uses strong encryption protocols to keep your data safe during transactions. Also, select a provider with servers in countries with strong privacy laws and regulations and carefully read the provider’s privacy policies to see what data they may collect. Avoid connecting to servers in jurisdictions known for intrusive surveillance or weak data protection.

Review the terms and conditions of the cryptocurrency exchange you are using. Some exchanges may have restrictions or policies against using VPNs, so make sure you comply with their rules to avoid potential account suspensions or other penalties.

As always, consider the security of your own device as well as the VPN connection. Implement necessary security measures, be cautious of hacking attempts, and ensure the legitimacy of the exchange platform. Always conduct thorough research and exercise caution when dealing with cryptocurrencies, as they involve their own set of risks beyond VPN usage.

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