Research Firm Factworks Levels Up Network Security With SASE From Perimeter 81 

“We were happy to invest in Perimeter 81’s solution – it boosts our overall security standards,  and helps us align with industry standards. The value we get in terms of improved security and performance makes Perimeter 81 the right solution for us.”
Sascha Febert
Factworks’ Senior Director of IT

The Company: 

Factworks is a leading market research firm with offices in Berlin and Silicon Valley, providing services to a wide range of clients from top international companies to innovative start-ups. Factworks combines state-of-the-art market research methods and years of industry expertise to help its clients make critical marketing and strategic decisions.

Factworks’ International Workforce Needed a Secure Network Connection That Could Keep Up with Business

As a global company with a workforce spread across two continents, fast and secure remote access was critical for Factworks. The solution they were using needed to be upgraded to support their growing global workforce since its performance was affecting employee user experience and productivity.  It also wasn’t flexible enough to keep up with the company’s growing needs, which made onboarding users and resources a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. 

Market Research/ Analytics/ Consulting
Germany, USA
100% Cloud


Intuitive interface to manage the entire network

Fast Deployment

One IT Manager could get it done within a few minutes

High Performing

Direct cloud access with no need to backhaul traffic

Perimeter 81 Checked All of the Cybersecurity Boxes

“We needed to make sure we provided a secure connection, whether users were connecting via a public Wi-Fi, or from home, without having to backhaul all traffic through a single on-prem gateway located in Germany,” explains Sascha Febert, Factworks’ Senior Director of IT. “We were looking for a solution that would allow us to give all employees VPN access without routing all VPN traffic through our gateway.” 

In order to find a solution that answered their needs, Factworks began looking for a cloud-based Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution that would help them secure their data, resources, and users without compromising on scalability and agility.  

Perimeter 81’s intuitive interface was one of the main differentiators for Sascha, which enabled the team to easily onboard network administrators and configure the platform. Sascha explains, “Perimeter 81 best fits our needs because the interface is easy. We found that we wouldn’t need to spend valuable time onboarding network administrators or working on configuring the system per our needs.”

The company chose Perimeter 81 after researching and testing several SASE vendors. It was the easiest and most effective solution for implementing Zero Trust best practices. 

A Secure Connection – Up and Running In No Time 

The Factworks team was able to deploy the Perimeter 81 solution swiftly and seamlessly. “Onboarding was easy, the UI saved us a lot of time, and enabled us to safely connect all of our remote employees to the internet and our on-premises resources.”

Sascha reports that thanks to Perimeter 81’s intuitive UI, the setup required only one Factworks team member, and was effectively done within minutes – including setting up the network, using the client to connect with the Perimeter 81 gateways, setting up basic rules, and integrating a single sign-on provider. “Overall, the rollout was quite smooth and straightforward. We were able to complete, configure, and test our network within two days.”

 Room to Grow 

As a rapidly growing and agile global organization, Factworks also finds a lot of value in Perimeter 81’s easy deployment in day-to-day work, like onboarding and offboarding users, or integrating new equipment. “When needed, projects–like setting up an office in a new region anywhere in the world–are super simple and straightforward, and take a short time to plan and implement.”

The Factworks team is very happy with the agility that Perimeter 81 enables: “I really like that the system is quite flexible, so I’m not forced to use specific technology. I don’t need a special endpoint, for example, and I have the ability to easily create more networks in the future. When the need arises, I just add gateways and assign the users to the new network, then I’m ready to go.”

Boosting Business with Perimeter 81

Factworks places the utmost importance on providing their international customers with the highest level of security. Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities help the teams ensure they are following the latest Zero Trust standards and best practices without slowing down productivity. 

“We were happy to invest in Perimeter 81’s solution because it improves our overall security standards and helps us to align with industry standards. The value we’re getting in terms of improved security and performance overall makes Perimeter 81 the right solution for us.”

Sascha recommends Perimeter 81 for organizations supporting a global workforce: “All companies with multiple locations or remote workers that need to shape and secure network traffic per user can definitely benefit from using Perimeter 81. These are really strong points in Perimeter 81’s offering.”

About Perimeter 81 

Perimeter 81 is a robust, yet easy-to-use, converged networking and network security platform that connects all users, in the office or remote, to all resources, located on-prem, or clouds. It is a cloud-native service that includes advanced capabilities such as Zero Trust remote access, Internet access control, malware protection and firewall as a service. It enables any business to build a secure corporate network over a private global backbone, without hardware and within minutes. The entire service is managed from a unified console and is backed by an award-winning global support team that has you covered 24/7.

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