Pollinate Automates IP Whitelisting and Integrates Azure Sentinel

Perimeter 81 helps Pollinate automate their IP whitelisting process while providing secure remote access to their users.

“We have saved a lot of time, probably many full days of work, since using Perimeter 81. Before we needed to whitelist each user’s IP address on different resources daily depending on their home connections. So at any point, a user could have access one day and then the IP changes and the next day, they don’t have it. Perimeter 81 has saved me and my team hours of work.” 
Tesfa Atere
IT Consultant of Pollinate

The Company

Pollinate is a financial software business, focused on reinventing merchant acquiring for banks around the world. The Pollinate technology is an innovative cloud-based platform that wraps around a bank’s legacy payment systems. The platform powers merchant and consumer digital experiences including onboarding, portals and loyalty programs, without costly and distracting platform migrations. 

For banks, the Pollinate platform helps them to understand and engage with their customers better and build stronger relationships with their merchants and consumers alike.

Headquartered in London, UK, Pollinate has approximately over 90 employees based in the London area.

London, UK
Customer since:

Solution Highlights

Deployed secure gateways worldwide in under 2 days
Significant reduction in monthly hours of manual work
Increased security confidence in their employees 

The Challenge

Like many companies, Pollinate didn’t have many employees working remotely before COVID-19. Once everyone was forced to work from home, this affected how Pollinate needed to whitelist their employees’ IP addresses.

“Before all our employees moved to working remotely, we only needed to whitelist our office environment and networks to allow our users to connect to particular resources. But once our employees were forced to work from home, we suddenly went from having one office IP which most users would connect to having 200 IPs across the world which we would need to whitelist,” shared Tesfa Atere, Pollinate’s IT Consultant.

For Pollinate, the importance of complete network visibility and monitoring of their employee’s access and network activity is a top priority. To stay on top of their network, since adopting the Perimeter 81 solution, they implemented our Azure Sentinel integration for the network monitoring and visibility needs. 

“We are constantly running security monitoring on our environments and when we implemented the Perimeter 81 platform we easily integrated Azure Sentinel,” said Atere. “It has helped us to send a login from Perimeter 81 via Azure Sentinel and that’s one of the key reasons we decided to go with Perimeter 81, as not a lot of providers offered that.”

Why Perimeter 81

After researching various solutions, Pollinate felt that Perimeter 81 was the right fit. 

“When we were looking for a solution, we wanted something cloud-based. Even though we have an office at our premises in London, we try to keep everything, from our printers to our Wi-Fi network to our applications, all cloud-based. So we wanted a secure access solution that was fully cloud-based, for one, and then after looking online doing comparisons, Perimeter 81 came out at the top. So we gave it a try and so far it’s suited our company needs well.”

The Results:

Fast Gateway Deployment

When deciding to adopt the Perimeter 81 solution, quick and efficient deployment of gateways was a key factor for Pollinate and they are happy with the deployment time within the Perimeter 81 platform. “We experienced smooth deployment as each gateway took around one hour to deploy. My team successfully deployed our four gateways with Perimeter 81 in under two days,” Atere shared.

Security Confidence

Pollinate’s security confidence in their employees has increased tremendously since implementing the Perimeter 81 solution. “We have increased confidence in our security due to our employees having security options at their disposal. We know exactly where they’re coming from and their connections can be filtered for a particular gateway, which ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to compliance and regulations.”

Time Savings

In Pollinate’s case, Perimeter 81 has helped save time and headaches by automating IP whitelisting and providing secure network access. “We have saved a lot of time, probably many full days of work since using Perimeter 81. Before we needed to whitelist each user’s IP address on different resources daily depending on their home connections. So Perimeter 81 has saved me and my team hours of work,” remarked Atere.

Easy To Scale

Working with Perimeter 81 has allowed Pollinate to rapidly scale its security in a matter of hours. Since implementing Perimeter 81, Pollinate has increased the size of its account by over 250%. “The Perimeter 81 solution has been pretty simple to scale. We just switched our original subscription to an Enterprise plan to increase the number of licenses, and it’s been a smooth process.”

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