Silo City IT Rapidly Scales MSSP Business With Zero Trust Access Services

By adopting Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust network and application access features, Silo City IT can easily scale network security to its clients in the age of remote work.

In the past, we had no way of deploying a gateway in Australia, or anywhere in that region. With Perimeter 81 we deployed a gateway in just 30 minutes. Without Perimeter 81, we wouldn’t have been able to set it up.
Jeff Rathmann
CEO of Silo City IT

The Company

Silo City IT is a Cybersecurity Services and Solution Provider devoted to defending organizations against cyber threats. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Silo City IT takes pride in delivering revolutionary technologies to protect against the threats of today and in the future.  Hackers continue to evolve creating new malware and using new tactics and techniques to disrupt business operations and profit from their malicious actions.  Silo City IT works with its clients to stay ahead of these attacks and continue everyday business operations.

Buffalo, NY
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Solution Highlights

Cut deployment time by almost 75%
Quickly set customers up and got them operational much faster than they could in the past
Easily scaled secure remote access while maintaining a strong Zero Trust posture

The Challenge

For an MSSP, the need for scalability plays a major factor when bringing on new customers. In the case of Silo IT City, the numerous Cloud VPN clients affected its scalability. “It was really hard to maintain and streamline all the different VPN clients, we needed to implement a new or upgraded VPN client, we experienced different network challenges as each VPN had different capabilities that came with separate configurations.”

All of the different configuration protocols created a lot of overhead for Silo IT City when setting up different networks for their customers. “We would run into issues where the VPN clients that we installed suddenly stopped working because of a Windows update. This would force us to troubleshoot the VPN and schedule time with our customers to gain access to the specific users, and then we would have to fix their VPN connection manually. This created the challenge of unwanted overhead and additional support for each VPN client.”

Additionally, when COVID-19 forced organizations to implement immediate work from home policy, Silo City IT saw its entire customer base move to work remotely. “While the majority of our customers had a handful of users that needed remote access, COVID-19 forced all our customers’ employees to go remote. So overnight we needed to be able to scale out quickly and validate that their networks would be secure,” explained Silo City IT CEO Jeff Rathmann.

Why Perimeter 81

After dealing with different challenges of managing many customer networks, Silo City IT felt it was time to implement a Zero Trust network access solution. “Initially, I was looking to custom-build a solution with WireGuard and IPsec that would have some capability to set up IPsec tunnels. Once I started to research different solutions, I found Perimeter 81 offered exactly what I was trying to develop in-house.

When deciding on a service, Silo City IT chose Perimeter 81 because of the common partnership with Ingram Micro Cloud. “We wanted to be able to leverage Zero Trust capabilities in our offering for our customers. While searching, I saw that Perimeter 81 had partnered with Ingram Micro on the Ingram Cloud. As we were already partnered with Ingram Micro, it made it pretty easy to move forward with Perimeter 81.”

The results:

Zero Trust Capabilities Offered More Opportunities  

For an MSSP like Silo City IT, integrations and features are a key factor when deciding which services and solutions will be offered to their customers. In the case of implementing Perimeter 81, Zero Trust capabilities sealed the deal for Silo City IT when it came to their decision to adopt the solution. 

The Zero Trust features have been a real game-changer for our service, we can dynamically deploy tunnels with a simple UI application which has opened up a lot of new possibilities and new integrations. This previously wouldn’t have been possible or easily feasible,” 

Smooth and Easy Gateway Deployment

When first seeking a network security solution for secure network access, Silo City IT was attracted to Perimeter 81’s ease of gateway deployment. “Our deployment time has been cut down by almost 75% since we started to implement the Perimeter 81 solution. One of our customers is based in Australia and they have employees all over the world in need of remotely connecting to the Australian office. Having the ability to dynamically spin up a gateway located in Australia in 30 minutes reducing latency has really been a game-changer for us.” 

Time & Cost Savings 

In the case of Silo City IT, their experience with the Perimeter 81 solution has saved them deployment time and, in fact, opened the opportunity to bring on new customers.

“With Perimeter 81 we have saved significant time — to the point that we are able to easily bring on new clients,” Perimeter 81 has helped us streamline our deployment time. The Zero Trust capabilities require no installation on our clients’ workstations. This is a huge cost and time saver for us as we are able to quickly set customers up and get them operational much faster than we typically could in the past.” 

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