Cloud Management Console

A clear window into your network security

The central management panel sharpens vision into your networks, allowing unprecedented awareness and control of all security elements.

Central Management Panel A clear window into your network security

Illuminate Every Part of Your Network

Consolidating your networking and security tools into one solution benefits not only your IT team but your organization’s overall security and remote work capabilities. 

Achieve complete visibility

Get an in-depth view into all your networks, connected services, users, and activity.

Control security & networking

Deploy the most advanced networking and security features together.

Simple policy-based security

Implement policies for user access, network traffic, device posture and more.

Scale network security

Easily add licenses and gateways, permissions to new users and integrated services.

Improve visibility with a single solution Central Management Panel

Improve visibility with a single solution

The Perimeter 81 central dashboard allows admins to control a comprehensive variety of security and networking features. Put users and their activity and various policies up front and center, easily alter how your network is secured and see a history of network changes from one place.

Control security alongside networking

Control security alongside networking

Easily consume security and networking from the same interface. Our platform empowers IT to quickly connect and control all network infrastructure – from on-prem apps to cloud services – and apply security including Firewall as a Service, VPN, DNS filtering, 2FA and additional public or private gateways.

Control security alongside networking

All your policies in one place

Policies are the optimal way for your security to be autonomously applied based on identities and context. They are easily visible and inform how security posture can change according to certain contexts or events occurring in your network.

Scale your security in seconds

Scale your security in seconds

Onboarding and provisioning a new marketing employee with access is as easy as adding their identity to the right group, where the policies for his or her device, role, and location are automatically applied. Modifying your network is just as easy – you can add licenses or gateways at the click of a button, and scale up and down quickly depending on demand.

We have increased confidence in our security due to our employees having security options at their disposal. We know exactly where they’re coming from and their connections can be filtered for a particular gateway, which ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to compliance and regulations.
Tesfa Atere
IT Consultant, Pollinate

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