Site to Site Interconnectivity

Organize and optimize your networks with the Perimeter 81 platform

Using Perimeter 81 for your network security ensures the highest uptime, fastest speeds and easiest tunnel management — all crucial for growing remote workforces.

Site to Site Interconnectivity
Optimum network security Site to Site Interconnectivity

Optimum network security

Easily deploy secure communication links between your resources located at different sites — or between sites like branch offices — no matter if they’re on-prem or in the cloud. With Perimeter 81 gateways and site-to-site IPSec and WireGuard tunnels, your network is never exposed to the public Internet.

Seamless network management Site to Site Interconnectivity

Seamless network management

Admins can instantly deploy global public or private gateways close to remote workers and branch offices, enabling secure, low-latency connections and a higher degree of configuration and downtime control. Network configuration and custom access policies are easily orchestrated from a single central administration panel, as is the deployment of gateways around the world.

Split tunneling Site to Site Interconnectivity

Split tunneling

We offer full and split tunneling so that administrators can more effectively grant employees access to the variety of services, private internal tools and web-based solutions that they need to work.

Segment sites and resources for users

Segment sites and resources for users

With firewall rules based on employee identities, admins can supplement optimized networks and automatically reduce the attack surface by ensuring that employee access to specific resources is restricted from the moment they log in.

For the users, the desktop agent with Two-Factor Authentication has been very easy to use. Once we went live with Perimeter 81, users commented that they really noticed the improved performance and how rapidly they can connect to network resources wherever they are located. This is the upside of the Site-to-Site Interconnectivity and Split Tunneling features.
Omar Matter
IT Manager, Meredith Respiratory and Sleep Centre

Scale and protect your networks

Rapidly scale security to new resources and users, and perfect your security posture across the entire hybrid network, with Perimeter 81.