Easy Cloud Networking with Perimeter 81 Cloud Edge

Our global backbone of over 40+ data centers comprises both public and private servers, offering optimized connections for workers and the control organizations need for efficient, secure edge networking.

Easy Cloud Networking with Perimeter 81 Cloud Edge

Perimeter 81 Data Centers

IT and security professionals can be confident in the complete security of our public and private data centers, and of their compliance regarding customer data privacy. We operate only through trusted partners and provide industry-best uptime and speeds through our data centers, which enjoy redundant ISPs, power supply and other precautions to ensure customer service reliability. 

We have 40+ data centers in over 35 global locations:

San Jose, CA Honolulu, HI San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA Seattle, WA Vancouver, Canada Dallas, TX Miami, FL New York, NY Boston, MA Ashburn, VA Newark, NJ Tel Aviv, Israel Dubai, UAE Helsinki, Finland Bangalore, India Mumbai, India New Delhi, India Paris, France Singapore Tokyo, Japan Osaka, Japan Seoul, South Korea Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Australia Frankfurt, Germany Amsterdam, Netherlands Fremont, CA Atlanta, GA Mexico City, CDMX Madrid, Spain Warsaw, Poland London, UK Manchester, UK Stockholm, Sweden Chicago, IL Denver, CO São Paulo, Brazil Santiago, Chile Johannesburg, South Africa Toronto, Canada Jakarta, Indonesia Chennai, India Milan, Italy
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Our data center providers comply with the latest international standards.
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Establish an Edge Presence for User-Centric Security

The network edge is where access happens, and now that workers can gain entry to cloud applications from mobile devices, security must also extend to this edge. Our backbone of global PoPs ensures that following authentication via the agent, encrypted connections are fast and stable.

Establish an Edge Presence for User-Centric Security
  • Instant global edge security
  • Low-latency, high throughput connectivity
  • Guaranteed 1Gb/s global speed
  • High uptime
  • Excellent support
  • Low cost of $40 / gateway / month
  • No maximum on gateways / customer
  • Routing optimization via BGP
  • Compliance with international standards

Get Faster, More Secure Global Networks

Instead of connecting to internal resources through expensive MPLS lines or the unsecured Internet, Perimeter 81 users access encrypted connections via a local Point of Presence (PoP). This enables faster and safer networking, as well as an infrastructure optimized for remote access.

Edge Presence

Put security and control at the edge of your network, where remote employees and branch offices connect.

Lightning Fast

Achieve lower latency connections via regional PoPs and higher throughput connectivity, with a guaranteed 1Gb/s global speed.

Cloud Networking

Easily connect your applications, users and offices to Perimeter 81 and determine the PoPs that users tunnel through, and to which apps they have access.

Industry-Leading Support

Enjoy best-in-class deployment and customer support to help you set up and secure your networks, resources, and users.

Effortless and Cost-Effective Global Networking

With Perimeter 81, fast and efficient global networking is a breeze. Deploy global gateways for employees in just a few clicks, and easily manage policy and other elements of security from one cloud platform.