What is Malware Protection?

Learn about the importance of Malware Protection for keeping your users and network safe from Internet-borne threats.

What is Malware Protection?

Malware Protection is an important part of network security that intercepts malicious software (malware) before it has a chance to execute on the user’s device. In cases where a device is infected, malware can carry out a variety of malicious activities and may spread to other systems to do wider harm across the network.

Why is Malware Protection Important?

Malware Protection is the first line of defense for employee devices that are interacting with the Internet. Its job is to ensure that malware does not infiltrate a device where it can unwittingly be executed by simply opening up a file. 

Malware Protection is designed to intercept malware coming from HTTP- and HTTPS-based streams before it can execute on user devices. It analyzes many files types that often don’t get analyzed in time such as HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript.

Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection analyzes all traffic both encrypted and unencrypted. To that end, the product employs SSL inspection to ensure that malware does not sneak into a company system due to being hidden with standard web encryption. 

What are the benefits of Malware Protection?

Malware Protection provides a stronger defense against some of the most devastating attacks. One of the most feared, and fastest growing, threats is ransomware, which is designed to cripple a company’s network as quickly as possible by encrypting company data and resources. Malicious actors will then try to extort the company by promising the organization a decryption key if they pay a ransom–a promise that is not always kept.

This is just one example of the serious threats that can adversely affect organizations of any size, which Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection defends against

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Malware Protection Capabilities

Perimeter 81’s Malware Protection employs a number of key tools to defend company networks:

Signature-based detection is the starting point for any anti-malware solution. This is a large database of well known or active malware. While definitions were once the mainstay for antivirus protection they are now merely the first stage to catch the most common malware.

Generic Detection goes one step further than signature-based detection. It’s designed to uncover known, and unknown malware, based on key characteristics of malware families or exploits. This is a useful tool for detecting polymorphic and metamorphic malware.

Heuristics is proactive detection that focuses on detecting malware using zero-day (previously unknown) exploits. This happens through the use of complex algorithm that are looking for patterns or behavior that may be malicious. 

Code Emulation does virtual code processing to check for malicious activity.
Finally, all of these methods are supported by Machine Learning algorithms that boost detection efficiency, speed and accuracy.

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Malware Protection FAQs

What kind of files are scanned?
Malware Protection provides comprehensive file scanning for HTTP- and HTTPS-based traffic including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, as well as user-initiated downloads.
How does the malware protection engine stay current?
Perimeter 81 uses one of the most advanced antimalware engines available on the market today. Its databases are frequently updated and detection capabilities are upgraded on a continual basis to ensure optimal, up-to-date protection.
What other security components fight against malicious activity?
Perimeter 81’s platform is a comprehensive, converged network and networking security solution. In addition to Malware Protection, our hybrid Secure Web Gateway provides URL-based and DNS-based filtering, Zero Trust Network Access ensures that only authorized people gain access to on-prem and cloud resources, and Firewall-as-a-Service limits who can connect to company resources.
Can my employees turn off Malware Protection?
No. Malware Protection is managed from the cloud dashboard and its controls are inaccessible by the user. Malware Protection goes to work even when users aren’t connected to a company network.
Can I prevent my employees from signing out of the desktop agent?
Yes. We can remove the sign-out option from the desktop agent entirely. When this feature is enabled, signing out requires administrator permissions.

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