Protect Your
Business Against
Internet Threats

Protect Your
Business Against
Internet Threats

Defend employees and the company network from the dangers of the web with Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Defend employees and the company network from the dangers of the web with Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Defend Against Web Threats

A Secure Web Gateway protects employees against malicious sites and other dangers of the web

Control Internet Access

• Prevent access to sites that violate company policies
• Control access to time-wasting sites
• Block harmful sites

Protect Against Malware Attacks

• Ransomware
• Phishing
• Zero day attacks

Why Businesses Need SWG

A Secure Web Gateway examines employee web traffic for malicious content and blocks access to harmful websites. This can help prevent infections from Internet-borne malware that can propagate through the network and damage the business. It also controls access to objectionable content and provides visibility into web activity.

Introducing Hybrid SWG

Introducing Hybrid SWG

Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG runs on user devices and the cloud
to deliver powerful protection for any business

Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG runs on user devices and the cloud to deliver powerful protection for any business

Why Do We Need Hybrid SWG?

Current SWG solutions force businesses into a dilemma.
Select an on-prem appliance or cloud-based SWG, each with significant drawbacks:

On-Prem SWG Disadvantages

• High operational complexity
• Adds latency to remote user traffic
• Limited scalability

Cloud-Based SWG Disadvantages

• Bypassed traffic is not protected
• A cloud service can add significant latency
• Traffic decrypted in uncontrolled environment

SWG Dilemma: Solved

Don’t choose between outdated SWGs, Perimeter 81’s solution offers the best of both worlds.

The Advantages of Hybrid SWG

Direct Access

Direct Access

Allow employees to connect directly to Internet resources without sacrificing security for better performance and enhanced productivity.

Privacy Compliant

Privacy Compliant

No need to worry about company or user data being decrypted in a foreign country or an uncontrolled environment with Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG.

Eliminate Backhauling

Eliminate Backhauling

Business critical applications work best without backhauling to a physical data center.

Reduce TCO

Reduce TCO

Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG is a cloud-based SaaS solution that reduces operational complexity and long-term costs.

Context-Based Filtering

Apply different website block lists based on whether employees are connected to the corporate network, or not.

Single-Pane-of-Glass Management

Cloud or on-device? When it comes to management everything is controlled from our intuitive web-based management console.

Malware Protection

Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG includes robust protection businesses need to defend against attacks such as zero days, viruses, and ransomware.

Hybrid SWG Additional Benefits

Flexible Browsing Policies

Different contexts need different rules. Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG makes it easy to support different browsing policies.

Enforce On-Network Rules

Connecting to the corporate network is serious business. Turn your security up to maximum by applying stricter rules to avoid malicious activity and time-wasting sites.

Worry-Free Compliance

Our on-device SSL inspection ensures that your company’s traffic is not processed in a different country or unsecured data center, eliminating the risk of violating local laws or compliance regulations.

Better Employee Privacy

With bypass rules in place, you can effortlessly safeguard the privacy of your employees by ensuring that their personal traffic isn’t inspected.

Customize Web Filtering Rules

Segment by Identity

Apply granular rules for specific groups or individuals based on what people need to access to do their jobs. 

Segment by Network

Perimeter 81’s multi-network support also means you can set specific rules for specific networks.

Apply All

Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG lets you apply filtering rules that will affect all users regardless of their network connection status.

Balanced Freedom 

Apply maximum security when users are on the network, but allow freer usage during off-hours with Hybrid SWG.

SWG Deployments Comparison

“Our insurance company required us to drop our old homegrown VPN solution for a more secure one. Fortunately, Perimeter 81 fit that bill – it’s secure, reliable, and easy to set up, unlike our old VPN solution. When compared to other solutions on the market that we tested, Perimeter 81 was, hands down, much simpler to get up and running and integrated with our current SD-WAN infrastructure.”
Brian J. Fischer
IT Manager/Senior Systems Administrator, Manhard
“We have been with Perimeter 81 for about two years and the service has been absolutely superb. We have over 250 employees who all work in a hybrid environment across the UK. With Perimeter 81 we can be calm because we know that our employees are safely accessing our company resources no matter where they are. On-boarding has been quick and smooth and the ongoing assistance in tackling our ever-growing challenges has been impressive.”
Paresh Patel
IT Director of Motor Fuel Limited
“We were looking for a secure and easy to use solution that would be transparent to the users and allow them to access the resources they need. Perimeter 81’s solution is doing just that! What is even better is that the onboarding process for a new user is easy, whether they are in the office or working remotely.”
Nicholas Kinyua
IT Support Specialist, The Room
“We are HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR compliant, and we were looking for a secure access solution that offered compliance. From the pricing to demoing the product, the entire process was very easy and enjoyable. The best feature so far has been the ability to deploy gateways. In just a few minutes, we can roll out a gateway relatively close to our employees. Having the ability to roll out an entire office with access to internal resources in just minutes is the best thing I can ask for.”
Maks Suski
IT Manager

Hybrid SWG FAQs

What makes a Hybrid SWG different?
Most Secure Web Gateways come in two flavors: on-prem or in the cloud. Both have their advantages. On-prem solves compliance and privacy issues, while cloud-based SWGs are easier to implement. However, both increase latency, which is something you can avoid with Perimeter 81’s SWG.
Can you help me plug the security hole of bypassed traffic?
Yes. Our Hybrid SWG provides the option to connect directly to the Internet without going through a cloud SWG first. This provides all the key security measures you need including SSL inspection and web filtering without slowing down your Internet traffic.
Why have on-cloud and on-device options?
Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG provides the advantages of cloud-based and on-prem solutions in one package. With a hybrid SWG can avoid latency issues and still remain protected, and you can assign different rules based on context such as connected to the company network or not.
Can I assign different rules for different people, groups, or company divisions?
Yes. Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG lets you choose how you segment web filtering rules. You can apply some rules to individuals, others to groups or different networks within the company, and even set global rules that apply to all employees all of the time.

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Perimeter 81’s Hybrid SWG provides flexible, context-based protection
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Certified SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA and ISO 27001 Compliant

We adhere to the highest standards of software security compliance, so you can rest assured that your organization’s data remains fully protected.