Boost Enterprise Mobility Management with Perimeter 81

Protect employee endpoints on the edge of the network with localized security, total visibility and custom access rules based on device.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Perimeter 81’s EMM solution makes your employees’ remote connections to the cloud safer and speedier, while also streamlining your IT.

EMM Without Perimeter 81

Little control over which mobile devices have authorized access to essential resources, and no visibility of what these devices are doing.

EMM With Perimeter 81

Central, granular management of mobile access policies, multi-layered security for mobile access and total endpoint visibility.

Why Enterprise Mobility Management?

When you give all mobile devices the same access privileges, allow access to happen without encryption, or deploy security and networking tools that better suit on-premises hardware, you lose visibility and risk network exposure.

To shrink the attack surface and bring mobile devices and remote workers back into the fold, Perimeter 81 offers:

Cloud Integration

Integrated security across all major cloud providers and SaaS

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SSO and IdP

Single Sign-On and identity providers like Okta, Google and more

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Custom Access

Create and assign network access policies for users and devices

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Total Edge Security with Perimeter 81’s EMM Solution

The old perimeter is gone: Your network’s edges are where the most remote employees get access to corporate resources. Perimeter 81 brings security to the edge, and devices and remote users back into IT’s line of sight.

Zero Trust Access

Identify and authorize users with identity providers like Google or OKTA, and create least-privilege network access policies for them based on their roles, mobile devices and locations. This limits exposure to the most important resources.

Best for BYOD

Bring Your Own Device policies are easier to support when using Perimeter 81. IT admins can limit the network reach of contractors and outsourced employees, and also enforce the use of multi-factor authentication, encryption and other tools.

Monitoring and Logging

Traffic and activity data is captured and logged for better, more informed security responses. Perimeter 81 also integrates with multiple SIEM platforms including Splunk, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure Sentinel.


Perimeter 81 integrates with all cloud services providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Salesforce, so mobile devices and remote workers get secure access to everything they need for a productive workday.

Always On Encryption

Devices are unable to access sensitive corporate resources without first connecting through Perimeter 81. This enforces always-on encryption, and admins can choose from many protocols including IKE, WireGuard and more.

Central Management

Centrally managed security means one panel where IT can connect network infrastructure, deploy regional gateways, view endpoints and users, and create and manage access policies across the network.

Reduce the Attack

Surface with Enterprise

Mobility Management

The best way to ensure network safety is to enforce security where mobile devices gain access. Deploy Perimeter 81’s cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management solution to make security a default state of your business.