Unified Cloud-Based Network Access Control (NAC) Solution

Set and manage your network access policies across local and cloud environments, devices, employee roles, and locations in a single platform. 

  • Overcome breach notification requirements
  • Reduce IT & operational costs
  • Seamless on-premise and cloud platform integration 
  • Access and update policies in real-time

Seamlessly Manage Your Network Security Posture

Access privilege can be a major issue, especially when you are managing an entire network, not taking into account non-employees such as contractors and partners. Assigning the wrong access privileges can result in a data breach or other malicious attacks. 

Perimeter 81 makes it easier for IT to implement network access policies based on user type, device type, location, and role with a Zero Trust model approach. This allows total network visibility from the ground up and completes security posture transparency. 

Enforce strict policy compliance to protect your organization’s data and critical resources with Perimeter 81’s Network Access Control solution. See how our Network Access Control (NAC) solution can drastically improve your security posture today.

Discover the Benefits of Perimeter 81’s Network Access Control Solutions

  • Gain Visibility into Cloud and Network Usage 
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security for Compliance
  • Control the Access and Transmission of Data
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Data Availability
  • Overcome Breach Notification Requirements

Unify Your Corporate Policies with Perimeter 81’s Network Access Control (NAC) Solution

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