Unify Your Network Security with Perimeter 81

Integrate local and cloud resources, protect user traffic and endpoints, and create custom, scalable network access policies from a single platform.

Unify Your Network Security, with Perimeter 81

Network Security Starts at the Edge

Set up your network quickly, deploy encrypted gateways near your users, and consume security from the edge. Perimeter 81 gives IT full network visibility and enforces user-centric security through Identity Providers, 2FA, Single Sign-On and granular access policies.

Security Without Perimeter 81

Low visibility over network traffic and resources, hardware reliant and secured with unscalable tools that make more work for IT.

Security With Perimeter 81

Local and cloud integrated for visibility and control in one platform, encryption, SSO, 2FA and micro network segmentation.

Why Transform Your Network Security?

The perimeter-centric network security approach gives all users with a password the same unlimited access, is difficult for IT to operate at scale, and is ill-equipped to handle remote and cloud-based access.
It’s time to pivot security around users, and to shrink the attack surface.

With network segmentation, enforcement of security and the creation of custom access rules for users and groups, Perimeter 81 enables:

Total Network Visibility

Integrated security across local and cloud environments, support for all SaaS

User-Centric Access

Identity providers help define users and create access rules for network segments

Multi-layered Security

Enforce the use of encryption, 2FA and Single Sign-On to access resources

Multi-layered Network Security with Perimeter 81

After deploying your network and onboarding users, IT managers can prevent access from occurring without authorization via multiple security tools.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mandate the use of multi-factor authentication for sensitive resource access. When employees and contractors are forced to validate before touching local and cloud applications, your data stays safer.

Single Sign-On

Make password management and safe sign-ons easy by integrating one of several Identity Providers – Google, OKTA, Azure and others. Users with SSO impact the network less with poor personal security hygiene.

Monitoring and Logging

Integrate directly with multiple SIEM platforms including Splunk, Amazon S3, and Microsoft Azure Sentinel to forward your activity logs and better analyze how access occurs across your network resources.

Automatic Wi-Fi Protection

When connecting to unsafe or unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks, Perimeter 81 automatically encrypts your connection to reduce gaps in your defenses, and if your connection should drop, your internet will too.

Full VPN Encryption

Always-on encryption ensures devices are unable to access sensitive corporate resources without first connecting through Perimeter 81. Admins can choose from many protocols including IKE, WireGuard and more.

One Management Panel

Centrally managed security means one panel where IT can connect network infrastructure, deploy regional gateways, view endpoints and users, and create and manage access policies across the network.

Pivot Network Security Around Remote Work and the Cloud

Pivot Network Security Around Remote Work and the Cloud

Today, the best way to orchestrate security and networking around remote access is to do it from a single, unified cloud product where you can gain total visibility and control.