Secure network traffic across the organization with Firewall as a Service

Protect your corporate dataflows in every environment and use granular traffic control to better prevent potential breaches.

Secure network traffic across the organization with Firewall as a Service

Tighten traffic safety with our Firewall as a Service

Legacy firewalls can protect the company’s internal perimeter, but they can’t ensure its safety across hybrid clouds. Our Firewall as a Service, featuring Network Traffic Control (NTC), ensures that only authorized users can connect to your cloud resources.


Manage traffic between every network resource, user and environment.


Ensure that IT has direct line-of-sight with all corporate data, at rest and in transit.


Define detailed rules for how and when traffic moves inside your networks.


Simply create, alter and apply network traffic policies as the organization grows.

Network Traffic Control: Firewall-level cloud protection

With Network Traffic Control (NTC), organizations can segment Layer 3 and 4 access based on user or group identity, and tightly control access to every part of their multi- or hybrid-cloud network at the granular level.

Total awareness of data and supervision of traffic policies

Most companies tolerate a lack of visibility when it comes to data in the cloud, or they simply aren’t aware that their data is vulnerable. Fight network blindness by mapping exactly where your data is and where it’s going inside a single NTC interface.

Fight complex traffic issues with simple rules

With the many types of devices, browsers, operating systems and applications in use today, traffic rules require depth. Define traffic policies with unprecedented detail, enforce specific security posture, and isolate sensitive dataflows with NTC.

Easily add and secure traffic sources and destinations

As companies onboard new users and resources, IT must work to fit existing security practices to them. Firewall as a Service products like NTC change this dynamic by allowing IT to customize, reprioritize and apply policies with little more than a click.

Rule-based traffic is secure traffic

Network Traffic Control privatizes network traffic and protects your critical assets and data from exposure.

Identity Based Access

With NTC-enabled SaaS security solutions, you can create and manage identity-based policies to automatically determine how devices, users and services enjoy network access.

Precise Network Segmentation

When firewalling is offered as a service, solutions are cloud native but also integrate locally, allowing IT managers to segment the whole network by resource sensitivity and then filter access based on things like role, location and device type.

Global Gateways

Incorporate firewall capabilities on the network edge, with the ability to deploy private gateways anywhere in the world – perfect for fast, low latency remote work.

Bank-Level Encryption

To ensure total privacy and compliance, NTC and other components of our Firewall as a Service solution provide client and endpoint visibility, identity and access management, OS and application-level security, and mutual TLS encryption.

Why IT teams rely on Network Traffic Control

Transitioning critical resources to the cloud, allowing employees access from off-premises, and Bring Your Own Device policies present networking and security challenges that cloud-based firewalls are agile enough to address.

Cost Effectiveness

Hardware based firewalls may be capable of simultaneously managing traffic for different resources and users, but achieving the same level of control as a cloud firewall requires much more work from the IT team, greater hardware expenditures, and more.

Improved Security

Network Traffic Control is more than a standalone, basic product. It also allows for traffic encryption enforcement, 2FA, Single Sign-On, DNS filtering, authentication and other security tools that together reduce the organization’s exposed attack surface.

Easy Remote Work

NTC can be used in conjunction with cloud gateways, automatically deployed in any location which enable simplified, secure connections to resources for local employees and traffic control for all the resources they use daily.

One of the biggest benefits that we gain with Perimeter 81’s solution is the integration with Azure AD. It allows us to authenticate our users with strong authentication via 2FA. It’s the most significant feature that I use with Perimeter 81 and it smoothly integrates with our enterprise authentication system.
Amir Jerbi
Co-Founder and CTO of Aqua Security

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