Empower Remote Work with an RDP VPN

Evolve your security beyond encryption with a more powerful business VPN alternative. Perimeter 81 provides a unified array of additional security features and networking tools that together offer a better solution to the problems facing modern enterprises.

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VPN for RDP Secures the Distributed Workforce

Boost Network Visibility

Increase IT’s visibility as users go remote, and access local and cloud resources from afar via their encrypted remote desktop solution

Customize Access

For companies with many sensitive resources and roles, a modern RDP VPN offers custom access management to reduce the attack surface

Multi-Layered Security

Add new layers to your network defense besides encryption, including 2FA, SSO, DNS security, IP whitelisting and much more

Cloud Edge Power

Our sophisticated RDP VPN requires no on-premises hardware, and doesn’t connect all users through a single site unlike legacy solutions. Perimeter 81 customers can launch private VPN gateways across the globe, and orchestrate encrypted access only to employees in the area – for a lower latency connection.

Encryption Multiplied

Traditional RDP VPNs might provide one or two different protocols for encrypted tunneling, and legacy versions at that. Our platform offers encrypted connections through RDP using a handful of modern protocols at the user’s discretion, including popular choices like OpenVPN and IPSec, but also WireGuard and others.

DNS Filtering

Block access to malicious or distracting websites for all users in your network, even down to individual IP addresses. You can also block web access to bulk numbers of these sites by category, such as gambling or pornography. Whitelisting is also crucial for the most precise web filter, and to keep employees productive.

Easy Remote Client

The Perimeter 81 client supports virtual private networking and RDP, and users can obtain a secured, speedy connection to their critical resources with one-click logins via Single Sign-On. Our client is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Chrome, and helps your remote employees anywhere in the world to connect securely and keep their traffic and data private from prying eyes – at all times.

Why Organizations Prefer the Perimeter 81 RDP VPN Solution

To Reduce IT Costs

Faster and easier deployment of a holistic, software-based network security solution cuts overheads significantly

To Scale Security

Easy access profile creation and deployment tools, unified and served from a single platform in the cloud.

To Empower Remote Workers

Low latency encrypted connections from your 
employee’s chosen endpoint to their local gateway and resources

To Secure the Cloud

Gain visibility into and bring disparate cloud resources back into the fold, with a universally integratable platform.

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