Privacy Act Compliance: What You Need to Know

What Does the Privacy Act 1988 Cover?

Much like HIPAA for the United States, Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 is a commonwealth law that institutes regulations on how the personal information or data of individuals must be handled, separate from state or territory privacy laws. Also referred to as the federal privacy act 1988, it applies to non-governmental businesses and organizations that collect, use, store, and share the information of the citizens they interact with - such as customers, users, partners, and especially healthcare patients.

Achieving Complete Privacy Act 1988 Compliance

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner recognizes that data security is a greater concern as healthcare goes remote, and it is, therefore, cracking down on APP compliance. Fortunately, a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution makes it easy to gain network visibility, simplify access management, and provide protective encryption in line with OAIC privacy rules.

Privacy Act Compliance: What You Need to Know
Privacy Act Compliance: What You Need to Know
Instant Information Integrity

The disclosure of health information via remote applications is necessary for accurate patient care, but APP compliance rules leave no room for error. Limits on the collection, use, and sharing of personal health information go hand-in-hand with patient’s rights to access this data. Perimeter 81 therefore provides a flexible, quickly installed solution with features like two-factor authentication, encryption, and Wi-Fi security.

APP Compliance: Worth the Price

With fines for non-compliance of up to $1,700,000 per instance and stringent definitions that make even the smallest health service providers liable for a breach, few can afford not to implement a thorough security solution to protect their patients’ personal healthcare data. This is why anything less than total visibility over all parts of the network is bare minimum for any responsible healthcare provider.

Obtain Privacy Act 1988 Compliance Easily

User-Based Network Security

Health service providers need to coordinate remotely with secretaries and other operational staff when serving patients, and because many entities need access to healthcare information, it’s important to implement a Software Defined Perimeter. This VPN alternative provides encryption and unique credentials, plus customized access policies and other advanced network security tools.

Custom Cloud Access Policy

Health service providers use many cloud-based services and platforms to provide excellent care for patients, so their network security solution should integrate seamlessly with the cloud. Perimeter 81 healthcare security solution integrates with most SaaS platforms that providers rely on, allowing them to quickly link up the resources their staff uses and implement unique access policies tailored by role, device, and other user identifiers.

Easy Compliance Auditing

Under the Notifiable Data Breaches Act instituted in 2017, health service providers must be able to report potential health information exposure in a timely manner, or face penalties. Perimeter 81’s monitoring, logging, and alert functionality makes regular privacy act compliance audits easy, by offering detailed activity reports and the superior network visibility required to head off breaches before they occur.

Guarantee Data Integrity

APP entities must “manage personal information in an open and transparent way”, and risk noncompliance penalties if information is accessed or altered in violation of privacy act compliance rules. It’s therefore vital to be able to authenticate that data has been preserved and kept private, making Perimeter 81’s VPN cryptographic key usage a robust and relevant control on integrity.

Achieve Compliance with
Australian Privacy Principles

Faced with more frequent remote access and a larger stack of vital software solutions, healthcare service provider IT teams are looking towards cloud-integrated Network as a Service solutions to address their compliance concerns.

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