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Enforce Compliance

Avoid compliance violations by clearly understanding where and which data is exposed, and obtaining complete control of it.

Total Network Visibility

Watch your access policies perform in real time. Organizations can monitor access from all endpoints and get event notifications.

Security Without the Costs

Protect your sensitive data, applications, and resources without the hardware or maintenance associated with traditional NAC solutions.

Control Network Access with Perimeter 81

Our complete Network as a Service platform combines the most crucial functions of both network and security for growing organizations

Secure Hybrid-Cloud Network Access

Adaptive network access policies delivered directly inside local resources and the cloud.

Scale as You Grow Solution

It has never been easier for IT to create sophisticated policy, onboard users, and assign them to groups.

Zero Trust Application Access

Deploy least privilege access to the applications that hold proprietary data and business flows.

Software-Defined Perimeter

Alternative and superior to a VPN, SDP revolutionizes the way organizations secure remote access and data sharing.

Consolidate NAC Security Tools to Ease IT’s Burden

The shape and reach of a modern organization’s network is much different than it once was. Resources are spread across local environments and the cloud, include multiple third-party applications offered as a Service, and must be accessible to employees who may not be in the office or using company devices.

Legacy hardware NAC solutions are expensive, and difficult to adapt to this array of cloud-based technology. They often compromise the network simply by being too much for IT to configure and manage, which makes it tough to know when and how breaches occur in the moment.

A unified cloud-based Network Access Control solution is designed to integrate directly with these tools wherever they reside, and make it simpler for IT to create network access policies based on device, location, and role. Constant monitoring and logging ensures that they’re working, and lightens the team’s load, resulting in cost savings and confident compliance.

Network Access: A User-Centric Notion

Network Access Control Security from Perimeter 81 hinges on a concept known as Zero Trust, meaning that users are only given access to network resources that they require for their role - and nothing else. This is the opposite of site-centric NAC security, which literally gives the keys to the castle to all users who have the proper credentials.

It’s easy to imagine why this approach is flawed: every employee from the bottom to the top of the organization represents the same threat to their organization’s most sensitive resources, even those they don’t ever need. Zero Trust removes the idea that anyone can be trusted with any resource, and instead gives IT the tools to create and administer precise network access controls based on user roles, their device posture, location, and other granular identifiers.

Ready to get started?

Simplified network access now, and for the future.

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