Escaping The Cyber Complexity Trap 2022

January 27, 2022

45 Minutes


In 2021, businesses and organizations across the globe strategized on how to address the rise of the Work From Home movement and an increase in cyber threats. In this tumultuous year for cybersecurity, 66% of companies encountered a serious cybersecurity incident, forcing organizations to adopt more tools, solutions, and safeguards to protect their evolving business networks and corporate data. We call this, The Cyber Complexity Trap.

In this webinar, Perimeter 81 will help businesses and organizations by:

  • Highlighting key insights from our 2021 State of Cybersecurity Report
  • Addressing today’s ongoing Cybersecurity Complexity Trap
  • Demonstrating the radical simplicity of SASE security

Join Perimeter 81’s CEO, Amit Bareket, to showcase how businesses can escape The Cyber Complexity Trap with radically simple SASE solutions.


Amit Bareket

CEO and Co-Founder, Perimeter 81

Louis Gordon

Cybersecurity Report Architect, Perimeter 81

Michael Soussan

Moderator, Perimeter 81