Identity is the New Perimeter

With Orange Cyberdefense and Black Hat

March 13, 2022

59 mins


The pandemic undoubtedly reimagined how businesses operate. Hybrid cloud strategies and secure remote access were important enablers to turbocharge the digital transformation of the business landscape. But, as companies continue to evolve and expand, their security must follow. Enter, Zero Trust security.  

With the rise of mobile devices and the ‘Work From Home’ movement, our devices and computers present a rich attack surface. Zero Trust is an important security model, as it addresses the concerns and demands of today’s growing businesses. By adopting Zero trust, any organization can enable secure remote access for employees and teams, both on-premise and off-site. 

In this webinar, we will:

  • Explore a brief history of remote access security
  • Understand the fundamental shift toward ‘Zero Trust’
  • Discover the emerging role for identity, authentication, and mobile-devices
  • Highlight the future of managing network security and vulnerabilities


Amit Bareket

CEO and Co-Founder, Perimeter 81

Charl van der Walt

Head of Security Research, Orange Cyberdefense

Wicus Ross

Senior Security Resesrcher, Orange Cyberdefense