Achieving Zero Trust For the Corporate Network

July 18, 2022

 60 Minutes


The world is witnessing cybersecurity evolve at superspeed. Businesses and organizations are under pressure to safeguard their corporate networks and ensure employees and private data are protected from looming cyber threats. That’s why today’s IT professionals must also be champions for achieving and implementing Zero Trust.

Perimeter 81 invites you to join our webinar, Achieving Zero Trust For Corporate Networks, with security expert and analyst, Richard Stiennon and our customer, Aqua Security, to highlight the future of Zero Trust and network security for today’s corporate network. In this webinar, we will:

  • Speak with experts on the need for Zero Trust and secure remote access
  • Identify the primary challenges for adopting Zero Trust security 
  • Discussing emerging Zero Trust trends and currents events 
  • Demonstrate the ease of use of the Perimeter 81 platform


Tal Laufer

VP Product

Richard Stiennon

Chief Research Analyst