Barriers to BYOD Security

As organizations embrace the cloud transformation and allow employees to use their own devices for work - especially remotely - it is more important to orchestrate network security, rendering old infrastructure obsolete.

Cloud apps in use for an average company
Remote workers by 2022
Companies dependent on BYOD for success
Year old VPN hardware still in use
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Transform Your Network’s BYOD Security

Unlike hardware-based technology, Perimeter 81 offers organizations the ability to be mobile first and completely cloud-confident. Our platform includes:

Comprehensive Endpoint Security

Our holistic SaaS solution provides total visibility across all devices connected to the network, locally and in the cloud.

Automatic Integration with Major Cloud Providers

Perimeter 81’s unique native API integration with all the major cloud providers allows for seamless and automatic secure access gateway deployment.

Global Backbone of 30+ Data Centers

With data centers distributed around the globe, we offer remote access with low latency, and therefore higher productivity for employees.

User-centric Architecture (SDP) and Zero Trust Model

Zero Trust Network Access for Network and Application Layers prevent cyber attacks in real time.

Benefits of BYOD Security with Perimeter 81

Business owners and IT managers from organizations of all industries and sizes can monitor and manage devices connecting to their network all in one place, and easily secure and segment their access to resources.

Reduced Costs

Reduce total cost of ownership by unburdening IT with a product that replaces the various security solutions they use.

Seamless Onboarding & Scalability

Experience security that scales with organizational growth, with our flexible software-defined perimeter solution.

Unified Cloud Management

IT personnel can manage their team, create and manage permissions, and monitor network activity across devices on the network.

Greater Network Visibility

Unlike traditional security infrastructure, we provide in-depth network insights and comprehensive monitoring via full API integration.

This ultimately allows IT managers to improve their network visibility and also reduce tool sprawl and hardware requirements - encouraging seamless, lightweight security adoption.

Award-Winning Technology
Made for the modern network. Built for the mobile workforce.

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