DNS Filtering

DNS Filtering allows organizations to limit users from visiting unauthorized websites that could put their company at risk. With Perimeter 81’s DNS Filtering feature, IT teams can easily manage and alter their organization’s web filter at will across the network.

DNS Filtering
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“The DNS tool has been fairly flawless. DNS filtering has allowed us to whitelist, blacklist and limit user access where we needed it, providing peace of mind.” 
Alex McClune
Director of IT at Whisky Auctioneer

Meet today’s work-from-home security challenges with DNS Filtering

Today, as more employees work from home, your network is more vulnerable than ever before to malicious websites. That’s why it’s crucial to include DNS Filtering in your organization’s security system.

Without DNS Filtering

Employees can accidentally access sites that trigger malware to be installed, or they can fall prey to a phishing scheme that uses a fictitious site to access secured information.

With DNS Filtering

IT teams can easily manage and alter their organization’s web filter, providing protection against malware and phishing campaigns across all networks and environments.

Perimeter 81 DNS Filtering: Peace of Mind
for Your IT Team

  • Blocks access to malicious, infected or time-wasting websites
  • Provides additional security against malware and blocks phishing attacks
  • Uses policy-based controls to oversee access with blocking and filtering
  • Includes easy-to-implement category-based filtering, blacklisting, and whitelisting

Define Unwanted Sites with Perimeter 81 DNS Filtering

Using the Perimeter 81 DNS filtering dashboard, your IT team can easily determine which IP sites and content will be blocked on their employee’s devices. Blacklisting, whitelisting and category-based groups can be used in combination, allowing you to fine-tune your DNS security policy. 

Define Unwanted Sites with Perimeter 81 DNS Filtering

Category-Based Filtering

Block access to the most popular and often compromised websites by category, such as social media and gaming sites.


Add specific, non-category-based websites you want to block through the blacklisting feature for added control.


Give your IT team more control over the list of destinations that employees are allowed to access with the whitelisting tool. Ensure that the websites employees need for their job is accessible.

This Website Has Been Blocked

This Website Has Been Blocked

Once DNS Filtering is activated, it prevents your system’s DNS Resolver from identifying, retrieving, and displaying unwanted websites according to your definitions. Instead, Perimeter 81 displays an alert to the user that the URL or content they were trying to access is blocked.

Discover How Perimeter 81 Can Help Your Organization

With Perimeter 81, we are providing secure, private and unrestricted internet access to businesses. To do so, we are transforming traditional network security technology with one unified Secure Network as a Service.

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