Perimeter 81 for Government and Education

Security with the Power and Scale of the Cloud

Whether network access takes place via 3G, LAN or Wi-Fi, Perimeter 81 offers government organizations and educational institutions an easy-to-use and secure solution for even the most sensitive private networks.

Perimeter 81 for Government and Education

Meet the Rising Challenges of Data Security

Governments and educational organizations – at the state, local and federal level – require secure data communication solutions that are equipped to handle today’s growing cyber threats, but also the availability of data necessary to make good decisions. With a cloud-based and visibility-focused platform, they are prepared. 

Security with a Legacy Solution

Minimum visibility of local and cloud networks and resources makes it a challenge to follow user access and traffic. Outdated hardware creates more manual work and additional costs for IT when trying to scale. 

Security with Perimeter 81

Simple integration and visibility of applications and local resources in your working environments while providing centralized control all in one platform. No hardware or agent required.

Secure Operations Are Where Smart Operations Begin

It’s important that government and educational entities are able to define varying levels of access to the network according to appropriate clearance statuses and within the bounds of compliance.

Liability Concerns

Liability Concerns

Government and education organizations are top targets for security breaches. With Perimeter 81, you can instantly access and audit activity on the network, and define user access roles to secure sensitive data and partition necessary data only to those who need it.

Legal Requirements

COPPA, FERPA and HIPAA are relevant for any government or education organization that records, maintains or shares health information on students or employees. Any organization must provide reasonable security and at the very least, encryption, for all private health data.

Disrupted Operations

Disrupted Operations

Many critical products and services have shifted to the cloud, highlighting the need to keep them available at all times. This goes double for government and education operations, who can rely on Perimeter 81 to keep their clouds secure and accessible.

Networking And Security All Under One Roof

Our network security solution offers a secure network access solution that can be easily implemented and used by employees with the click of a button. It eliminates the manual work and high costs involved in managing a complex stack.

Secure Network Access

Employees working remotely accessing data outside the office have uninterrupted, secure connections that can be easily managed using the Perimeter 81 cloud platform.

Easy Single-Click Client Applications

Our hardware-free network security solution eliminates the need for costly external hardware and tedious installation, allowing users to access resources with a single click.

Zero Trust Security

With least-privilege access based on major identity providers, and continuous monitoring across the network, attackers can’t move laterally across resources or do lasting, vital damage.

For Visibility into Network Activity

Gain control over the network by managing and monitoring from one central location. Security professionals can connect, share and respond quicker and more securely. 

Complete Compliance

Perimeter 81 is compliant with GDPR, SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001/2, HIPAA, HITRUST and other important data protection regulations.

Control the Transmission of Data

All transmitted information is encrypted and protected against malicious penetration of the network – supported by multiple protocols including WireGuard, IPSec and more.

SASE is the New Security Standard for Government

SASE is the New Security Standard for Government

As a SASE solution (Secure Access Service Edge), Perimeter 81 unifies the networking and security tools in use by government agencies and other institutions, and puts them in the cloud, providing a single solution for their IT to secure critical data and corporate resources. 

Is your IT team ready to adopt Secure Access Service Edge?

Have You Achieved This Security Checklist?

Government entities are able to boost security in several key ways and easily exceed compliance requirements with Perimeter 81. 

Protect Data in Transit

Protect data transmission with bank-level 256-bit AES encryption in multiple protocols.

Privilege Separation

Easily implement IdP and different levels of privilege depending on the user or device.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Reduce the attack surface with multiple layers of authentication.

Logging and Event Collection

Easily monitor and audit the network for security-critical events.

Complete Network Visibility

Maintain centralized control and full visibility of users’ access to defined client applications and network resources.

Compliant Operations

Easily meet SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001/2 compliance with encryption, visibility, activity logging, access control and more.

Security Beyond the Standard with Perimeter 81

With Perimeter 81, government and education entities can validate user devices, secure unlimited endpoints and easily protect the integrity of data transmission both on-site and remotely.