Most Cost Efficient OpenVPN Alternative

Considering a VPN but short on time to configure it? Perimeter 81 offers all of the benefits of an OpenVPN minus the hidden costs or hassle.

  • No manual configuration required
  • Quick and immediate setup
  • Secured connection for remote work
  • Cost effective and highly scalable
Most Cost Efficient OpenVPN Alternative

Why Choose Perimeter 81 as Your OpenVPN Replacement

Eliminate expensive hardware VPNs and costly virtual machines with Perimeter 81’s secure Network as a Service.

Reduce Complexity

No need for expensive hardware VPNs and complicated open-source software with a network access security solution that enables private and unrestricted Internet access.

Scalable and Secure

Deploy a Software-Defined Perimeter solution with simple cloud migration security with least privilege access and secure remote access to cloud environments.

Easy Integration

Integrate with cloud storage, SaaS applications, and on-premise applications, for secure policy-based access to any resource, from any network location.

Perimeter 81 VS. OpenVPN:
Benefits at a Glance

  • Easy and immediate set-up
  • No manual configuration required
  • Fast and reliable connection speeds
  • Low latency and minimal overhead
  • Granular network auditing
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security
  • Modern user interface
  • No bandwidth limits
  • Multi-tenant management for MSPs
  • Single-click client apps for major platforms
  • Complicated and lengthy set-up
  • Time-consuming manual configuration
  • Slow connection speeds
  • High overhead and latency
  • Lack of network visibility
  • No Automatic Wi-Fi Security
  • Outdated user interface
  • Bandwidth limited by budget
  • No multi-tenant management support
  • No single-click client apps

Deploy an Enterprise-Class VPN in Minutes Not Days or Weeks with Perimeter 81