Your Network is Faster and More Secure with Perimeter 81

Our NaaS platform stands above both traditional VPNs and modern solutions offered by other vendors. The key is its simplicity, speed, and simultaneous depth.

Why Use Our Zero Trust Network as a Service?

Organizations need to protect their sensitive network resources, both locally and in the cloud, and now they prefer just one unified solution for the job. Perimeter 81 customers find it easier to create and manage customized access policies that fit their networks – without the manual configuration – offering superior security, visibility and IT cost savings.

Perimeter 81 vs. Other Vendors

The competition simply hasn’t been able to integrate the right mix of features, nor replicate the straightforward network and security consumption model offered by Perimeter 81. 

Vendor 1Vendor 2
Network Security
Unified cloud management
Tunnel supportIPSec, Wireguard, GREAll ports and protocolsIPSec, GRE
Secure Web Gateway
Cloud firewallOutbound only
Identity Providers
Cloud sandboxing
DNS security
Application control
Network Access
Global cloud backboneLayer 3 to 7 (all protocols)Layer 7 (HTTP only)Layer 7 (HTTP only)
SIEM integration
Multi-factor authentication
Agentless access to web apps
Agentless access to SSH
Agentless access to RDP and VNC
Micro-segmentation by application
User application portal
Agent for Windows/Android and Mac/iOSAll ports and protocolsOnly web trafficOnly Web Traffic
Agent for Linux
Device posture enforcement
Automatic Wi-Fi security

Perimeter 81 vs. Traditional VPNs

In comparison to legacy VPNs, our Network as a Service solution is superior in terms of security, cost and user experience. Any organization can streamline its network access and security with our unified, cloud-based platform.


Enjoy superior security of your resources with Zero Trust network and application access, multi factor authentication and Single Sign-On, in-depth monitoring and reporting, automatic Wi-Fi security and more.

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Cost Efficiency

The Perimeter 81 model is flexible and subscription-based, allowing you to scale costs for both networking and security. You’ll also reduce maintenance and hardware expenditures, and accelerate onboarding.

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User Experience

Our platform works seamlessly across all devices and connects users more efficiently to global POPs. Enjoy low latency, smooth connection switching, zero hardware requirements and multi-tenant management.

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What Do Perimeter 81 Customers Say?

Perimeter 81 provides us with reliable low-touch and multi-platform access control in a complete Network as a Service. The easy-to-use web UI with centralized administration options demonstrates a clear advantage – we can deploy changes from anywhere and have new configurations live in minutes.
Albert Ngo
Head of Technology & Innovation at SuperData, a Nielsen Company
Since we have a small IT team, Perimeter 81 is really the most valuable solution for me and the entire company. Knowing that every employee is securely accessing our system and resources while using Perimeter 81 makes my job a whole lot easier.
Maks Suski
IT Manager of Kustomer
We see Perimeter 81 as a true visionary and real leader in the network and cybersecurity space. With their highly intuitive and feature-rich SASE solution, they are at the forefront of a critical cybersecurity market transformation, where cloud-native, holistic services are now more important than ever.
Michael Kenney
Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development

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