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“One of the biggest benefits that we gain with Perimeter 81’s solution is the integration with Azure AD. It’s the most significant feature that I use and it smoothly integrates with our enterprise authentication system.”
Amir Jerbi
Co-Founder and CTO of Aqua Security
“Perimeter 81 provides us with reliable low-touch and multi-platform access control in a complete Network as a Servicer. We Can deploy changes from anywhere and have new configurations live in minutes.”
Albert Ngo
Head of Technology & Innovation at SuperData, a Nielsen Company
“We see Perimeter 81 as a true visionary and real leader in the network and cybersecurity space. With their highly intuitive and feature-rich SASE solution, they are at the forefront of a critical cybersecurity market transformation.”
Michael Kenney
Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development at Ingram Micro

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