SASE: Secure Access Service Edge

Revolutionize the way you secure the data, resources, and users in your network with SASE. Our growing Secure Access Service Edge platform combines network and security functionality into one scalable, cost-efficient, and cloud-based service.

SASE: Secure Network as a Service

Simpler, stronger network security for the cloud

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a blueprint for better business security, and involves the combination of software-defined edge networking, user-focused authentication and access control and seamless integration across the cloud.


Enforce least-privilege access to network segments, based on identity, role, device, and more.


An adaptable security platform that provides visibility over the cloud, and all major cloud providers.


Secure the network from local hardware to mobile edge endpoints, with client-based or agentless access.


Encrypted tunneling via private or public gateways, placed locally for low-latency secure connections.

Amit Bareket

CEO and Founder

SASE: Questions and Answers with Amit Bareket

Perimeter 81 Co-founder and CEO, Amit Bareket, discusses SASE. Learn how we are achieving total SASE security and to hear more about the future of networking.

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Enforce access via identities, not passwords

With a least-privileged strategy and strictly enforced access control, organizations can control interactions with resources based on relevant attributes, including application access, user and group identity and the sensitivity of the data being accessed.

Finally, security and visibility for cloud services

SASE architecture enables businesses to implement different key cloud capabilities which will provide an agile, holistic, adaptive, self-updating security posture. This provides them with an efficient and easily adaptable tool for their business needs, no matter where they are located.

Multi-layered security reaching to the edge

SASE creates one network for the entire organization’s resources — data centers, branch offices, cloud resources, and mobile and remote users. For example, SD-WAN appliances connect the physical edge while mobile clients and clientless browser access give users secure connectivity on the go.

On-prem connection speeds for off-prem workers

To ensure complete networking and security abilities globally and on the go, SASE platforms are globally distributed to organizations. This includes delivering a low-latency service to users across all enterprise edges.

“We selected Perimeter 81 as our SASE partner because they exceeded all of our acceptance criteria. We needed a solution that did not require any additional hardware to implement, and that is one of the strengths of a SASE: We can define everything via software. We were able to configure secure tunnels directly to our Cloud VPCs for specific workloads, create applications to allow users to launch internal web resources from any device securely, and restrict access to internal resources to just our users.”
Ryan Nolette
Technical Security Lead, Postman

SASE is Network Security for Businesses

Ease of consumption

SASE is the unification of several critical security technologies into one SaaS product, offering improved ease of consumption off the bat. Rather than orchestrating several technologies separately (which risks configuration gaps and misalignment), a comprehensive array of basic must-have tools are all available within a SASE platform.

Network visibility

SASE integrates seamlessly with local and cloud resources, hardware and software, and proprietary or third party solutions, offering superior network visibility throughout the organization. Remote workers access a range of applications with their preferred devices, and it can be very difficult and time-consuming for IT to visualize how access occurs with legacy tools.

Improved security

A primary reason for adopting SASE solutions, and also one of their biggest advantages, is better security. In a SASE network resources are segmented by sensitivity, access policies are easily created and assigned based on granular qualifiers, extra security tools can be layered on top of the network for authentication, and if users are connected – they’re protected.

SASE Components

Perimeter 81’s SASE platform combines network and security functionalities into one unified network security service solution.

Perimeter 81's SASE platform combines network and security functionalities into one unified network security service solution.

Zero Trust NaaS

Perimeter 81’s multi-regional SASE network provides a comprehensive set of converged secure network capabilities, delivered and managed over our multi-tenant cloud, providing a secure and highly-scalable network for organizations everywhere.

Firewall as a Service

SASE security platforms offer a Firewall as a Service which protects an organization’s site-centric networks from potential threats, while implementing modern security features for next-gen firewalls.

Cloud Access Service Broker

Our SASE platform will include CASB functionality, so customers can extend security policy to their cloud service provider’s architecture and further protect it from uninvited users or apps.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Our platform will soon incorporate SWG utility for customers who want to protect their employees who surf the web from accidental malware infection. Enforcing company policies for browser traffic aids organizations in reducing one of the largest attack surfaces.

Endpoint Security

Our product will soon offer complete endpoint security and compliance for your organization. With SASE we deliver multiple endpoint protection capabilities, including next-generation malware protection and support for visibility into encrypted traffic.


Simply control all infrastructure, including hardware and software, with a centralized solution that greatly simplifies management of the network. SASE is built on SD-WAN and uses it as a primary foundation for more agile networking.

Discover How The SASE Model Can Transform Your Organization’s Security

With Perimeter 81, we are providing secure, private and unrestricted Internet access to businesses. To do so, we are transforming traditional network security technology with one unified (SASE) platform.