Perimeter 81’s Advanced Cloud VPN for SMBs: The Future of Secure Cloud Access


Our fast-growing SMB client has a team of 50 employees who are based in different countries and several different offices around the world. Like many modern businesses, their team consistently relies on cloud applications (such as Office 365, AWS, Salesforce CRM, Zendesk, Github, Skype, etc.) for essential aspects of their business, and they access these cloud applications on devices running Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android.

More and more often, the company’s team members work-on-the-go and travel for business, so remote connectivity has become crucial for employee productivity and information security. However, this has increasingly become a challenge as unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots become more prevalent and BYOD policies become more commonplace. Furthermore, with geo-restrictions and online censorship in specific regions, our client has also needed to find a way to provide employees working in, or traveling to, certain countries with access to the important web-based resources they need.


Like many SMBs, our client benefited greatly by adopting cloud-based services, but struggled to protect the data in transit, as well as manage and monitor exactly who accessed these services. Their IT manager needed a way to make accessing these resources easier and more secure. Until working with Perimeter 81, they were left with a number of less-than-desirable alternatives:

A. Leave their applications open to the Internet

This is was the least secure option for our client - and certainly not a risk they could afford to take any longer. This approach left them extremely vulnerable to a number of cybersecurity threats including DDOS attacks, brute force attacks, zero day exploits, leaked credentials and more.

B. Implement basic firewalling

Our client found that blocking certain IPs was a cumbersome process and firewalling only protected their data at the packet level. This approach still left network security threats open and the process was very hard to manage. Our client was frustrated by this option as they were aiming to simplify their network security and management, not make it more difficult.

C. Create an in-office VPN concentrator

As our client quickly learned, this avenue required costly and lengthy hardware installation and just was not practical, nor affordable.

D. Build their own VPN gateways

Using AWS VPN and other ad-hoc solutions requires a level of expertise very few people have. Our client also quickly discovered that this was not a scalable alternative and they would not have the user-friendly client applications, multiple user management, monitoring/auditing and cross-platform compatibility they needed.

E. Prohibit employees from using Wi-Fi outside the office

Although this path could certainly reduce the chance of network-based attacks and loss of company information, our client was very realistic and fully aware that it would be an impossible mandate to enforce. In today’s working world, employees constantly turn to Wi-Fi, feeling the need to stay connected and remain productive on-the-go. Ultimately, providing a VPN for the whole team was an option that was much easier and more secure.


Since deploying Perimeter 81 to all their employees, our client now has an easy-to-use, reliable, and highly secure VPN that serves as a virtual “key” to their cloud-based resources and services.

In order to gain access to cloud resources, employees must establish a VPN connection. Each employee has Perimeter 81 installed on their devices so their access is protected — even when they browse over untrusted Wi-Fi networks. They appreciate the easy-to-use interface and diverse selection of country-specific servers, which allow for reduced latency, high bandwidth and unrestricted Internet access.

The company’s business owners and IT Managers can easily set up dedicated servers and whitelist specific IPs to ensure authorized access to specific resources, quickly and easily add/remove user licenses and monitor network activity from our web management. Moreover, they can enjoy increased visibility of network activity. This includes the ability to monitor their team members’ activity, including which servers and even which cloud resources are being accessed, all within Perimeter 81’s comprehensive activity log. Now our client can finally enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all their network traffic is fully encrypted and their cloud resources and services are highly secured.

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