The Decentralized Workplace & The Cyber Complexity Trap

Perimeter 81’s Second Annual State of Cybersecurity Report covers how Covid-19 has changed the workforce, what are the top cybersecurity threats faced by IT professionals, and how they can overcome these challenges.

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The Decentralized Workplace & The Cyber Complexity Trap

With this survey of 500 IT professionals, you will:

  • Learn whether hybrid and remote work are a passing fad or here to stay
  • Discover what percentage of companies had a severe cybersecurity incident in 2021
  • Understand how cyber complexity is a growing problem for IT professionals

What Do Perimeter 81 Customers Say?

Today Perimeter 81 is an essential part of Meredith’s IT strategy. In general, I don’t think the company could do business without it. It’s also made the network much more agile and given us the ability to handle the unexpected–whether that’s meeting the new networking regulations for medical health practices or something as huge and unexpected as COVID. Our ransomware issue that Perimeter 81 solved was actually a blessing in disguise. If we had gone through the COVID period without Perimeter 81, we would have been in a lot of trouble.
Omar Matter
IT Manager
It was so simple and straightforward that initial setup took maybe 10 minutes, and we were able to scale the Perimeter 81 solution company-wide in under one day. The Azure Single Sign-On feature has simplified the login process, and the Perimeter 81 integration to Azure Sentinel appealed to our security-minded colleagues.
Alex McClune
Director of IT
In the past, we had no way of deploying a gateway in Australia or anywhere in that remote. With Perimeter 81, we deployed the gateway in just 30 minutes. In addition, the Zero Trust features have been a real game-changer for our service. We can dynamically deploy tunnels with a simple UI application which has opened up a lot of new possibilities and new integrations. This previously wouldn’t have been possible or easily feasible.
Jeff Rathmann
One of the biggest benefits that we gain with Perimeter 81’s solution is the integration with Azure AD. It allows us to authenticate our users with strong authentication via 2FA. It’s the most significant feature that I use with Perimeter 81, and it smoothly integrates with our enterprise authentication system. Another benefit is self-management. Each new employee can download and deploy the agent by themselves and have instant secure access, whether it’s on their laptop or on their mobile device.
Amir Jerbi
Co-Founder and CTO
We are HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR compliant, and we were looking for a secure access solution that offered compliance. From the pricing to demoing the product, the entire process was very easy and enjoyable. The best feature so far has been the ability to deploy gateways. In just a few minutes, we can roll out a gateway relatively close to our employees. Having the ability to roll out an entire office with access to internal resources in just minutes is the best thing I can ask for.
Maks Suski
IT Manager