ZTNA: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a ZTNA Provider 

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With this guide, you will:

  • Discover the rapidly evolving ZTNA market and why VPNs are being phased out  
  • Learn by how much the average cost of a data breach drops with a mature stage of Zero Trust deployed 
  • Explore a vital feature that can help ensure optimal network performance and reduce downtime

What Do Perimeter 81 Customers Say?

Since we have a small IT team, Perimeter 81 is really the most valuable solution for me and the entire company. Knowing that every employee is securely accessing our system and resources while using Perimeter 81 makes my job a whole lot easier.
Maks Suski
IT Manager of Kustomer
We see Perimeter 81 as a true visionary and real leader in the network and cybersecurity space. With their highly intuitive and feature-rich SASE solution, they are at the forefront of a critical cybersecurity market transformation, where cloud-native, holistic services are now more important than ever.
Michael Kenney
Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development
Perimeter 81 provides us with reliable low-touch and multi-platform access control in a complete Network as a Service. The easy-to-use web UI with centralized administration options demonstrates a clear advantage – we can deploy changes from anywhere and have new configurations live in minutes.
Albert Ngo
Head of Technology & Innovation at SuperData, a Nielsen Company