Securing AWS Network Access         

Secure your cloud environment and provide private network access to AWS resources and applications. 

Move to AWS with Confidence 

The Perimeter 81 solution increases productivity through a scalable cloud-edge infrastructure, real-time security monitoring, granular AWS access monitoring, top-notch traffic encryption, and actionable intelligence from analytics and data that can help identify network threats.

Increase Productivity

Stop chasing false alarms with 24×7 AWS cloud security monitoring and expert management.

Receive Actionable Intelligence

Sophisticated monitoring includes analytics and data that is managed by our security experts that will help you identify anomalies from routine events.

Maintain Compliance

Accurately reported event logs and nonstop monitoring are fundamental to meeting compliance standards.

Enable Least Privilege for All Users

Unsecured accounts allow cyber criminals to gain access to cloud resources and then move within the corporate network. To mitigate this, administrators can limit permissions to least privilege access.

Simplify Cloud Migration

Migrating to AWS can be intimidating. We’ll deploy our instant security infrastructure within minutes, making sure your corporate data is never exposed.

Save Money

Cut costs by using AWS data centers. Maintain the highest standard of security without having to manage your own facility.

How Perimeter 81 Works with AWS

  • Enable users to forward data captured on their networks to their Amazon S3 bucket and improve their access controls in pursuit of specific business and compliance goals.
  • Enable organizations with the simplicity of accessing cloud resources in a secure way from anywhere in the world.
  • Establish a Site-to-Site IPSec connection between your AWS resources and the Perimeter 81 network to enable a secure steady communication link that will allow your team to work from everywhere.

Driving Continuous Security and Compliance in AWS

Perimeter 81 is an AWS Advanced Technology partner. This distinction recognizes that Perimeter 81 offers an advanced software solution that has demonstrated proven expertise, technical proficiency and directly integrates with the AWS platform.

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