Protect Employees Online With
Secure Web Gateway

Protect Employees
Online With
Secure Web Gateway

Now available as a standalone solution for the first 50 customers*

Out-of-Band Protection

Perimeter 81’s SWG protects user devices from web-based threats even when they’re not connected to the company network.

Manage the Wild Web

Create customizable rules tailored to the needs of your employees in just a few clicks. Choose to “Warn” against, “Allow,” or “Deny” specific websites.

Inspect All Components

Malware Protection checks all content including embedded ads from third-party services.

Solve the Web’s Challenges

Banish Malware

Stop malicious websites and scripts, banking trojans, drive-by downloads, and more

Full Traffic Check

Analyzes web traffic and scans content before it reaches the browser.

A Filtered Web Is a Safer Web

Ensure that employees don’t stumble across known malicious sites.

Segment the Web

Segment web usage based on role or employee groups.

Robust Tools IT Managers Need

Inform Users

Inform Users

When Malware Protection detects a problem a “blocked page” screen appears in the browser. Otherwise, the content is passed through to the user as usual.

Customize the Web

Customize the Web

Perimeter 81’s SWG Web Filtering doesn’t force security teams to make a binary choice between good and bad. Easily decide which websites to “Allow,” which to outright “Block,” and for borderline cases a “Warn” flag lets employees choose what to do.

Automate Protection

Automate Protection

All malware scanning and detection is done by the service with no interaction from the user. If a problem is detected, the page is not rendered and user access is blocked, otherwise they interact with the web as usual.

Make Exceptions

Make Exceptions

Provide exceptions for those who need access to a particular site or group of sites while they remain restricted for everyone else.

Increase Productivity

Keep distractions to a minimum while protecting users from seemingly innocent websites containing malicious software and potential exploits.

Create No-Go Zones

A Secure Web Gateway is the first stop in a safer web at work. Prevent people from entering known malicious sites, or areas of the Internet that are out of bounds.

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It was so simple and straightforward that initial setup took maybe 10 minutes, and we were able to scale the Perimeter 81 solution company-wide in under one day. The Azure Single Sign-On feature has simplified the login process, and the Perimeter 81 integration to Azure Sentinel appealed to our security-minded colleagues.
Alex McClune
Director of IT

Certified SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, CCPA and ISO 27001 Compliant

We adhere to the highest standards of software security
compliance, so you can rest assured that your organization’s
data remains fully protected.

Secure Web Gateway FAQs

What is a Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?
A Secure Web Gateway (SWG) protects users from common web threats such as drive-by downloads, phishing sites, and ransomware

Working together Malware Protection and Web Filtering protect company endpoints by keeping people away from malicious websites, as well as providing protection against malware infections. 
Why does my company need a SWG?
The web offers a unique challenge for company security as it provides a vital source of resources and information that employees need. At the same time it presents multiple methods for malicious activity such as ad-based malware, cryptomining, ransomware, phishing, and more. In addition, many companies have compliance concerns that require customizable access rules for specific websites and general website categories. 

Web Filtering and Malware Protection create the ultimate Secure Web Gateway to defend companies from web-based threats and help with compliance. Perimeter 81’s SWG ensures employees aren’t ambushed online by filtering malicious and unwanted websites, while Malware Scanning monitors for potential attacks.
Do I have to create my own web filtering lists?
No. Perimeter 81 has predefined category lists that make it easy to filter undesirable online content; however, you can also filter by specific URLs, or upload custom lists as a CSV. This allows you to micro-segment web access for specific users or entire groups.
Can my employees turn off SWG?
No. Web Filtering and Malware Protection are managed from the cloud dashboard and its controls are inaccessible by the user. As long as devices are signed-in to the desktop client Web Filtering and Malware Protection go to work.
Can I prevent my employees from signing out of the desktop client?
Yes. We can remove the sign-out option from the desktop client entirely. When this feature is enabled, signing out requires administrator permissions.

Learn More About
Perimeter 81’s SWG

Learn More About Perimeter 81’s SWG

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